Effortlessly manage Imtoken wallet addresses

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Effortlessly manage Imtoken wallet addresses

ImToken - How to Effortlessly Manage ImToken Wallet Addresses

Imtoken is a mobile wallet app known for its multi-coin support. Its security features include an offline transaction signing feature,The application scenarios of blockchain in the financial industry include digital images and videos, which will be translated while preserving the original format. , an operator wallet switch option and a recovery seed.

Users can sustain assets on twelve mainstream blockchains, plus easily connect to decentralized apps via a DApp browser. Moreover, it is compatible with hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor.

1. One-click address management

Since 2016, millions of users around the world have trusted imToken as their secure crypto wallet. The wallet is the all-in-one solution to safely store thousands of ERC20 standard digital assets including ETH, EOS, TRX, BTC and more. It enables users to transfer, connect and experience dApps and blockchains seamlessly through its built-in dApp browser. It is a comprehensive cryptocurrency wallet with an in-built risk control system that puts security first.

The latest version of imToken introduces a number of new features:

One-click address management – users can select the wallet and number of Coin/Token they wish to send to, copy the address or scan the QR code and send them all at once. This is especially helpful for those who manage multiple addresses and want to save time.

Decoded transactions – users can view detailed transaction records of their ETH wallets, which makes it easier for them to keep track of their assets.

Added support for staking – users can now enjoy the benefits of staking with Cosmos, KODAK and more proof-of-stake blockchains. They can also earn rewards from the integrated dApp wallet and staking platform built by imToken.

2. Address book search

Wallet users can easily search for a specific address by using the address book search function. The search box is located at the top of the address window. To use the search function, select “Name only” or “More columns”.

Upon selecting either option, you will see a list of results displayed. As you type, the results are filtered in real-time to match your search criteria. For example, if you enter the name of a colleague, all names that begin with the entered letters will display (this is known as prefix matching).

The function also provides an intelligent suggestion for a user’s entry. As a result, you can save valuable time and effort when entering addresses manually.

In addition to simplifying the process of managing addresses, the new feature also improves security. The security enhancements include a comprehensive risk control system and support for hardware wallets. These features will help you keep your assets safe from cyber attacks and prevent loss of digital currency.

This latest update to the imToken Wallet will significantly improve the user experience. Not only does it allow users to easily add addresses from other wallets, but it will also automatically recognize incoming Coins/Tokens and provide an “Add to Address Book” option. This will help to avoid accidental manual errors that could lead to the loss of Coins/Tokens and reduce the chances of viruses replacing your address.

3. Quick selection address list

We improved the address book feature to include an enhanced quick selection address list. Using the list, users can select and quickly transfer their wallet addresses on the transfer page, reducing the steps required to complete a transaction.

Similarly, we also simplified the way to search and locate wallet addresses in the address book. This greatly helps users with many addresses to find the target quickly and intuitively, thereby making the process of transferring funds even faster.

In addition, we made it possible to set miner fees in fiat currency units, avoiding the need for users to manually calculate and understand the fee in GWEI. This makes the process of managing mining fees more efficient and intuitive.

We also updated the revoke authorization management page, adding a new entrance that allows you to connect your wallet and check whether or not the authorization record has been canceled. You can connect your wallet via a QR code or by clicking on the function bar in the upper right corner.

We are constantly improving the user experience of the multi-chain imToken wallet. The latest version includes a wide variety of enhancements such as multi-coin support, built-in exchange and decoded transactions for the ETH and Arbitrum wallets. It also supports hardware wallets and cold storage, allowing you to keep your private keys offline to prevent cyber attacks.

4. Wallet address backup

In imToken, users are the sole holders of mnemonic/private key, allowing them to keep full control of their assets. This is a significant advantage over other wallets that often have a third party handle the private keys, thus making them vulnerable to attacks.

A comprehensive risk control system is integrated into imToken, including hardware wallets and cold wallets. With these features, you can keep your private key offline and prevent cyber attacks.

Imtoken supports a wide range of digital currencies and tokens, allowing you to store them safely and conveniently. You can also easily exchange them in the built-in cryptocurrency exchange within the app interface.

If you are experiencing issues with data sync, please check whether your device is compatible with the current version of the wallet or if there is a network connection problem. If the problem persists, you can contact the support team to resolve it.

You can choose between General (legacy) and SegWit address formats to customize your address format according to your preferences. Transactions initiated by SegWit addresses pay less miner fees.

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