Download Imtoken now to quickly obtain multi-effect good attribution location!

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Download Imtoken Now to Quickly Obtain Multieffect Good Attribution Location

Download imtoken now to quickly obtain multieffect good attribution location. It is always best to keep your imToken wallet up to date with the latest security controls and feature improvements.

Enhanced Asset security protection

This update reinforces imToken’s comprehensive risk control system and supports hardware wallets and cold storage to ensure users’ asset security. In addition, the new “Revoke Authorization Management” entrance makes it easier to revoke authorization.

Wallet Connect 2.0

Founded in 2016, imToken offers a digital wallet that features multi-chain asset management, DApp browsing and exchange of value. It helps users manage their assets and safeguards a range of blockchain- and token-based identities and data with the use of single set of mnemonic phrases or biometric verification (face ID and fingerprint).

With a quick and user-friendly interface, ImToken is the best choice for cryptocurrency consumers looking for an easy way to store cryptocurrencies. Its multi-chain wallet allows for the storage of ETH, BTC and other ERC20 compatible tokens, as well as a variety of Proof of Stake blockchains such as Cosmos, Polkadot, Kusama and Tezos.

The Wallet Connect 2.0 integration into imToken will provide DApp developers with the APIs and tools that they need to create user-friendly experiences. It will also help them improve their security and reliability by enabling them to track and revoke active sessions, providing more control over their private keys.

To send Coins or Tokens from your e-wallet, you must first enter the wallet address and the amount of Coins/Tokens you want to transfer. Then, click “Send”. If you are unsure of the address, you can check it by clicking on the link provided. After submitting, the transaction will be confirmed by imToken. You can then view your new balance. To safeguard your assets, you can also backup your wallet using the 12 words provided.

Address Book Management

Address books have been used for many years in personal matters and business issues. It is an important tool that manages contact information paying attention to each number and letter.

Names registered in the Address Book can be put into groups. The group name, key display order, registration number, and display priority can be changed for each group. It is possible to print destination lists registered in the Address Book.

C-Organizer optimizes working process at the office and home by keeping your address list organized. Whether it is your business contact information or your family contacts, C-Organizer handles it with care and efficiency.

Quick Selection Address List

Easily select multiple addresses by tapping the “+” button in your address book. You can also copy and paste addresses. You can also use the search function to find specific addresses quickly.

Besides being easy to use, this crypto & DeFi wallet is also safe and secure. Your wallet has no master key and is encrypted with a passphrase, so only you can access it. The wallet is also backed up in the decentralized IPFS network and synchronized across all your devices. You can even access DApps with your unique digital identity and never need to remember passwords.

Lastly, you can trade with built-in exchanges and take advantage of price feeds synchronized with major global exchanges. You can also exchange between assets without any extra fees, as well as transfer NFTs in your self-custodial wallet. Additionally, you can securely send NFTs to a friend’s imToken wallet via QR code. You can even integrate your imToken wallet with the hardware wallet, called imKey, to protect your privkeys and other sensitive data. All of this makes imToken a complete cryptocurrency wallet and more.

Address Search

Many people are reluctant to divulge their full addresses, especially if they are ordering products that have to be delivered or are sending personal information. This can leave you with a gap in your Know Your Customer data. Address search tools can help you fill it in, enabling you to find out more about your customers.

The best address lookup APIs provide precise and reliable data results in a simple, accessible manner. They prioritize customer satisfaction and offer a clean interface that is easy to understand. This can reduce errors caused by mis-typing and improve the overall experience of your users.

Another key feature of an address search tool is its ability to provide results based on as little as one or two fragments of an address. This can help you find matching house numbers,Imtoken Official Website Wallet , street names, cities and states based on only what you know about an address.

The most robust address search services are able to support all Unicode characters, meaning your customers can type in a variety of spellings and characters and still have accurate search results. This allows for more efficient form filling and can reduce costs through a reduction in error-prone manual corrections. It can also save you money by enabling you to reduce the number of miss-mailings and missed product deliveries.