User Guide for TP Wallet

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User Guide for TP Wallet

Getting Started

TP Wallet is the one-stop solution for dApps, blockchain applications and cryptocurrencies. It is more than just a wallet,Apple Download Imtoken Tutorial , it’s an experience and symbol of true blockchain unity, accessibility and interoperability.

Getting started with TP Wallet is easy. First, open the app and enter your password. Remember, this is a non-custodial wallet, so your private keys are kept in your control. You should only share your seed phrase with trusted people.

Once you’ve created your Wallet, add some TPT. TPT is the native token of TP Wallet and it’s used for various scenarios such as EOS gas purchase, wallet advanced functions unlock, and TP advertising fee payment. You can also swap it on Uniswap, our decentralized exchange. There are a few other ways to buy TPT as well, but these methods require you to use a fiat-to-crypto exchange like LocalBitcoins or Bittrex.

Using the Wallet

TP Wallet is a mobile app for Users to hold and manage Tokens. It is different from exchanges and trading platforms in that TP Wallet only acts as an interface tool to support blockchain systems. You should conduct transactions on the Wallet in a way that corresponds with your financial situation, risk preferences and investment decisions.

a) You shall take care of your mobile device, back up the TP Wallet App and encrypt and protect the Wallet Password, Private Key, Mnemonic Words and Keystore by yourself. TPGL will not store or hold these for you, and if you lose your mobile device or disclose (whether actively or passively) your Wallet Password, Private Key, Mnemonic words or Keystore or your wallet is attacked, we cannot recover your Tokens. You also understand that if you mishandle transfers (including but not limited to typing in wrong addresses for transactions), blockchain network may fail to execute the code of smart contracts, and transaction failure may result in loss of your Tokens.

You agree to follow the Alert pushed by TP Wallet and comply with the instructions and information therein. If you do not, you shall be responsible for any risks, liabilities, losses and expenses which result therefrom. You should always check the version of TP Wallet and download and install the latest version of it, as the previous one may stop operating without notice.

Managing Your Tokens

One merit of the tokenPocket (token pocket) wallet is the extremely simple way it allows users to manage their asset. Adding wallets is as easy as selecting the “Import Wallet” option from the management screen and uploading the private key or keystore file of the wallet. Then, the user can select whether to display the QR code or not and create a password. It is recommended that a strong alphanumeric mixture of 10 characters with at least one capital letter be used to protect the account in case of loss of the password. In addition, the wallet supports Observation mode and cold wallets such as Trezor or Ledger for security.

Using the Exchange

TP’s team works around the clock to ensure users get help with any issues. They also provide an extensive troubleshooting page that allows you to fix problems yourself before asking for help.

If you have trouble getting your wallet to work, you can contact support using the chat feature on their website. They are friendly and ready to help you get your wallet working again!

TPT is an application token that represents TP users and developers’ rights to enjoy functionalities offered by the TP ecosystem. It is a key link among wallets, users and developers. You can use TPT to purchase EOS gas, unlock the wallet advanced functions, pay for TP advertising fee and more. You can also exchange it with other coins on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange.