Introduction to TP Wallet Functions

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Introduction to TP Wallet Functions

TP wallet is an open, secure and decentralized cryptocurrency wallet. It features asset storage, trading, market quotations, Dapp, NFT, voting governance and other functions to meet users' one-stop needs. Besides, a password-protected wallet is available and backup can be made through key-store file. Moreover, TPT is the native token of TP, which can be used to unlock advanced/premium functions in the wallet or get special airdrops.

Wallet Settings

TP wallet is a non-custodial wallet that means your private key, seed phrase and mnemonic words are not stored or synchronized on our servers. To avoid losing your funds in the event of a device or software issue, please export your key-store file with the password set and keep it in a safe place. Besides, you can link to third-party-developed DApps in TP wallet, and your Personal Information will be collected and held by the DApps instead of us (TPGL). Therefore, it’s recommended that you pay attention to the DApps’ Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. TPGL reserves the right to revise this Policy online from time to time.

Wallet Import

You may import your existing wallet by entering the Private Key and/or Mnemonic Words. You can also use the function to transfer and receive Tokens. However, the actual transfer of Tokens takes place on the blockchain system and not on TP Wallet.

TP Wallet is a mobile application platform for Users to manage their digital Tokens. It is not an exchange or a trading platform and you shall conduct transactions on the DApps integrated into TP Wallet at your own discretion. You should fully understand and evaluate the risks of these transactions before conducting them.

You should be responsible for backing up your own mobile device and storing the Wallet Password, Mnemonic Words and/or Keystore in a safe place. TPGL will not be able to restore your wallet or Tokens if you lose your mobile device, if you accidentally disclose (actively or passively) your Wallet Password, Mnemonic Words or Keystore, or if you forget them.

TPGL reserves the right to require Specific Users to complete identification verification and/or verify their identity in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, and to refuse to offer the Service to Specific Users who fail to cooperate with identification verification or to provide the required information in a timely manner. This requirement applies to all the Services offered by TPGL on TP Wallet.

Wallet Backup

TP Wallet is an application to store and manage Tokens. It is not an exchange or trading platform. Users are responsible for making investment decisions based on their financial status and risk preferences, and bear the related risks by themselves. Users should also be aware that Tokens are subject to higher volatility compared with other financial assets. TPGL does not carry out due diligence on the services or transactions provided by third-party-developed DApps, and cannot guarantee the safety of the Tokens stored on or transferred through those DApps.

Whenever you change your mobile device, you should backup your Wallet Password,How to check the private key for Imtoken? , Private Key, Mnemonic Words and Keystore. TPGL will not store any of your Wallet Password, Private Key, and Mnemonic Words on its servers. Hence, in the event of your mobile device being lost or stolen, or the device that holds your Wallet Password, Private Key and Mnemonic Words being hacked or attacked, you may lose the Tokens in your TP Wallet, which is irreversible.

Specific Users will be asked to cooperate with TPGL and disclose Personal Information if required by law and regulations in order for TP Wallet to complete identification verification or comply with relevant laws and policies. If the specific User fails to comply with the Alert pushed by TP Wallet, it will affect the use of the Wallet and its services.