The latest official website of Imtoken wallet has been released!

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ImToken Wallet - Trustless With an Offline Signature

Securely manage your multi-chain assets, identities & data, trustless with an offline signature via imKey Pro hardware wallet.

Multi-chain support, ETH staking, trading, and DApps browser.

Unlike MyEtherWalet, this wallet also supports many popular cryptos and stable coins. It has an inbuilt exchange and allows token swaps for free, with transaction fees (GAS) only charged when transferring out.


With the latest version of the Imtoken wallet, users can benefit from new security enhancements and anonymity extras. The wallet also features multi-coin support and is compatible with both ERC-20 and ERC-721 collectible tokens, making it one of the most popular mobile wallets in the crypto market. Moreover, it offers a built-in exchange and staking feature that helps users earn passive income.

Unlike most mobile wallets, Imtoken is non-custodial and stores all private keys locally on your device. This provides a high level of security and peace of mind for all users. The wallet is also easy to use and has a large capacity. It can store up to 200,000 types of coins and tokens.

It is also easy to secure your wallet with a password and 12-word recovery phrase, which you can easily restore from another device. This is especially important, given the recent spate of hardware wallet supply chain attacks. In addition, the wallet is backed by the imKey hardware from Wanxiang Blockchain Labs.

The app allows you to store a wide range of cryptos, including the top 10 most valuable currencies. It also offers multi-coin support, an inbuilt exchange and a built-in DApp browser. It also supports staking through an integrated DApp and a DEX built by Kyber Network and 0x.

WalletConnect v2.0 integration

If you are looking for a digital wallet that supports many coins and tokens, the imToken wallet is one of the best choices. Its coin support includes ETH, BTC, EOS, and more than 168 collectible tokens. It also has a built-in exchange with Kyber Network, which allows users to easily swap tokens. In addition, it offers staking services for a variety of blockchain companies.

The WalletConnect v2.0 integration feature of imToken allows users to use DApps across different chains. The platform also offers a dapp browser and inbuilt exchange. It is secure and intuitive to use, with features such as a multi-character password, transaction signing, and fingerprint support. In addition, it is open-sourced and subject to regular security audits.

Unlike MyEtherWalet, which only supports Ethereum-based cryptos and DApps, the imToken wallet can be used with multiple currencies. It can be accessed from any Android or iOS device and is compatible with major hardware wallets such as the imKey and Ledger. The app is easy to install and use,Apple blockchain mining. , with a simple signup process and an interface that is intuitive for beginners and experienced users alike. It also supports staking and betting services, and has a built-in centralized exchange with the Kyber Network and 0x protocol. It also has a comprehensive risk control system to protect your assets.


Imtoken is known for its multi-coin support and intuitive interface. It also offers a built-in exchange and dapp browser. Users can use the wallet to exchange between different cryptocurrencies without paying any fees. The wallet has a variety of security enhancements, including Touch ID and hidden balance. It is also an excellent choice for collecting ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens.

ImToken is an open-source wallet and undergoes regular audits by third-party companies. In addition, it is compatible with hardware wallets, such as Ledger and CoolWallet. These devices maximize security by storing your Mnemonic away from the Internet, on a secure chip. This way, you can avoid any potential hacking attempts and prevent loss of assets.

Users should backup their mnemonics carefully and accurately when they create an identity. They should also cross-check the mnemonic against that stored on their physical devices. In order to do this, they can click on “My Profile” -“Manage Wallet” and choose the option “Recover Identity”.

It is also important to be careful while transferring through imToken. Some scammers airdrop ETH tokens to an identity and then lure them with deceptive information to visit third-party DApps for swapping tokens. The users' transfer authorization is then stolen by the scammers. To protect themselves, users should never use a QR code or link from other people and always check the ETH wallet address when transferring through blockchain.


Trusted by millions of users in 150 countries and regions, the Imtoken wallet provides a range of digital asset management services. These include asset exchange, e-commerce payments, and token management. Imtoken also allows you to create and share your own public address to make transactions on the blockchain easier. Moreover, you can also use a hardware wallet like the imKey Pro to increase security.

The Imtoken wallet supports ten major cryptos and eight stable coins. You can add and transfer coins easily using its built-in exchange, which allows you to swap between different tokens for a fraction of the transaction fee that you would pay on a third-party platform. The wallet has a slider that lets you choose your preferred transaction fees. Higher fees mean faster addition to the blockchain, while lower fees will make your transaction take longer to complete.

Unlike MyEtherWallet, which only supports Ethereum-based tokens and cryptos, Imtoken allows you to manage thousands of other tokens and coins. It also offers more features, including a DApp browser and staking. It also has a comprehensive risk control system and supports mainstream hardware wallets, such as the Ledger and CoolWallet. In addition, it has a DApp store with recommendations for new decentralized apps that you might want to try. It also provides an API for developers to integrate with the wallet.