Imtoken Airdrop: the mystery coin harvested

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ImToken Airdrop - How to Claim the Mystery Coin Harvested

imToken is a safe simple and powerful light wallet for Ethereum and ethereum-based tokens. It aims to make blockchain happen to average users.

Airdrops are being used by increasing number of projects as a new way to introduce their project. Since airdrops come with different claiming procedures and imToken is a decentralized wallet,How to buy coins in TP Wallet? , it's impossible for us to claim an airdrop on behalf of our users.

How to Claim

Airdrops are a new way to attract attention and promote crypto projects. The number of airdrops has been growing rapidly lately. However, they can also be used for malicious purposes like phishing or fraudulent activities. In the following tutorials, we will show you how to avoid such scams by properly claiming an airdrop.

Optimism is an Ethereum-based layer 2 scaling solution and they are distributing their token OP to eligible addresses. You can check your eligibility for the first round of OP airdrop by launching imToken and switching to the browser page. After you connect your wallet and approve the DApp to connect, click "Start claiming".

To claim your OP, you must confirm two transactions: one for claiming the tokens and another delegating governance decisions on your behalf. Once your OP tokens are claimed, they will appear on the homepage of your Arbitrum wallet.

Since each airdrop token has its own claiming procedure and different conditions, it is impossible for imToken to support all of them. As a non-custodial wallet, imToken only provides a secure platform for users to conduct the necessary claiming procedures. It is therefore the users' responsibility to follow the relevant project's community for airdrop related announcements and instructions.

What is an Airdrop?

Airdrops are a marketing tool that crypto projects use to grow their user base. They may be looking for new users, re-engaging old ones, or just bringing attention to their project. They are like a coupon, but rather than offering free food, they offer a small amount of tokens that can be used on the platform.

There are a few different types of airdrops that crypto companies can choose from when launching their token. The most common is the standard airdrop. This is when the company distributes a small number of tokens to wallet addresses that they have determined qualify for the airdrop. Typically, this is done without requiring any additional tasks or requirements to complete. This is often used to launch new projects and reward existing users of decentralized exchanges.

A more exclusive airdrop is when a smaller number of people are randomly selected or intentionally chosen to receive tokens. This type of airdrop is more likely to be associated with NFTs or other fungible tokens. The airdropped cryptocurrency will generally not be able to be traded until it is listed on an exchange. As such, it is important for recipients to hold their tokens in multiple wallets to diversify their holdings and reduce risk. It is also advisable to consult with a tax professional to determine how taxable the tokens will be.

Who can claim an Airdrop?

There are a few basic requirements that you must meet to be eligible for an airdrop. First, you must own either MEW or imToken (or both). This is important because the airdrop coins will be sent directly to your wallet address. Second, you must share the airdrop on social media or otherwise participate in the promotion of the airdrop. This can earn you bonuses such as NFTs like Bulu Cheerleaders Series NFTs or USDC and imKey hardware wallets.

Finally, you must have enough ETH in your Optimism wallet to pay the gas fees. If you don’t, you can bridge ETH from another wallet to your Optimism wallet by clicking “Deposit” in the browser page of Optimism.

Generally, only a small number of people are eligible for an airdrop. This is because the teams behind an airdrop want to ensure that as many people as possible have ‘skin in the game’ and are likely to be active participants in the project. This is one of the main reasons why airdrops are so popular with new projects – it’s an inexpensive way to promote their token.

What is Optimism?

The project is a Web3 community builder that leverages the Galxe platform to deliver airdrops and other rewards to its users. Users can follow the company on social media and forums for updates on upcoming events, but be mindful of complex scams that may mimic project social profiles. Galxe is also home to Optimism, Polygon and Arbitrum. Securely manage thousands of tokens on your wallet, watch DeFi balances grow, transfer ERC721 and ERC1155 NFTs, earn with ETH staking and more.