Upgrade your experience! Imtoken2.0 latest version is here.

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Upgrade Your Experience With ImToken 2

Upgrade your experience

Imtoken is your secure crypto wallet since 2016: store and manage thousands of tokens, watch your DeFi balance grow, flip NFTs, earn with Ethereum games, and more. Supporting 10+ Layer 2s (Optimism, Arbitrum, zkSync, Metis, Boba) and 20+ chains including Bitcoin, Ethereum, TRON, CKB, BCH, Litecoin, Kusama, Polkadot, Filecon and others.

1. Multi-Chain Wallet

Get more from your wallet with imToken: manage your cryptocurrencies, DeFi balances and watch them grow, transfer ERC721 & ERC1155 NFTs, play DApp games with your unique digital identity and enjoy ETH staking and Layer 2s. With hardware wallet support and cold storage for your private keys, imToken is a safe place to store, trade and use all of your crypto.

Safely trade on our Instant Exchange based on smart contracts, ensuring your tokens never leave your wallet. Your private keys are secure on your offline devices in cold storage (not on a server) and protected with an ultra-strong security system.

2. Zero-Amount Transfer Filter

Scammers often use small or zero-amount transfers to mix their addresses with the user’s transaction records. imToken 2 aims to protect users from this by filtering out zero-amount transfer and preventing them from being displayed on the user’s account history. Other features such as decoded transactions, ETH wallet redesign, and risk control system for TRX are also included in this update. All tokens in the wallet are kept secure and offline on your device, ensuring they’re safe from online attacks.

Download imToken now to enjoy these amazing features! The latest version of the app is available on Google Play Store.

3. Revoke Authorization Management

The app has a unique feature that makes it easy for users to manage their cryptocurrency assets. The home screen display has been optimized to add displays for token unit prices, appreciation & depreciation rates and token names, enabling users to grasp essential information about their wallet holdings easily and quickly. Furthermore, they can turn the information on/off according to their needs and preferences.

To make it even easier for users to manage their crypto assets,Tokenpocket displays Chinese yuan. , the new imtoken2 update has incorporated advanced functions that help them take full control of their digital currencies. For example, they can accelerate pending transactions and manage concurrent transactions. Additionally, the app’s built in internal exchange offers a convenient way for them to swap their tokens instantly.

Users can also use the “Revoke Authorization Management” entrance to view the authorization status of their address on any network and cancel their approvals with a simple click. The process is secure and fast.

With these new features, imtoken2 is now an even more attractive multi-chain mobile wallet for the crypto community. As the first blockchain-based mobile multi-asset wallet, it is one of the best solutions in the market for keeping your coins safe from online attacks. The app is free to download and uses an open-source encryption technology. However, users should be reminded that it is important to keep their private keys secure by storing them in an offline device like their phone (with aeroplane mode), and ensuring that their mnemonic phrase is correctly entered when restoring their wallet.

4. Address Book Optimization

The latest version of imToken has optimized the address book management function, making it even easier to manage your wallet. In the new quick selection address list, you can easily choose a wallet to transfer funds to by simply touching it. We have also enhanced the search function to make it quicker to locate your wallet addresses.

Moreover, we have improved the DApp Favorite and Classification Management feature, making it easier to manage and display your favorite DApps. We have also added displays for token unit prices, appreciation & depreciation rates and token names to help you better understand your wallet holdings.

Another highlight is the advance functions that have been included in this version of imToken, taking user experience to a whole new level. Among them are speeding up pending transactions, synchronizing the address book and managing concurrent transactions.

In addition, there is a new one-click token swap function which allows you to exchange your tokens with ease and at low cost. This is especially helpful for those who often exchange their assets on different exchanges in order to trade them with each other or with fiat currencies.