The official website of Imtoken cannot be accessed.

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The official website of Imtoken cannot be accessed

Imtoken Review - A Review of the Self-Custodial Imtoken Wallet

As a self-custodial wallet, users have full control of their assets. However, they should be alert with adequate security knowledge to prevent stealing. This is why it’s important to back up their mnemonics carefully without sharing it with others.

Scammers lure users by promising high yields through group chats or private channels and direct them to visit third-party websites through imToken’s DApp browser. This way, scammers acquire users’ transfer authorization and steal their assets.


Imtoken wallet offers a simple and secure way to store your coins. It supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and allows users to manage their coins more easily. It also offers the ability to send and receive tokens. In addition, it provides support for staking on various Proof of Stake blockchains including Cosmos and Polkadot.

The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Singapore. It operates in the High Tech, FinTech, and Blockchain Technology sectors. It offers a multi-chain asset management wallet, as well as DApp browsing and exchange of value.

Its e-wallet has several effective security measures to protect users’ private keys. These include an offline signature, an open-sourced codebase, and third-party security audits. It also features a multi-character password and an option to use the imKey hardware wallet. Its recovery seed can help users restore their wallet in the event that they lose or destroy their device.

In the Wallet tab, you can view your Coins and Tokens, as well as their value in fiat currency. You can also select the currency that you want to send. To send coins/Tokens from the e-wallet, you need to copy the wallet address and enter the amount of Coin/Token that you wish to transfer.

The Wallet is also integrated with the CC EAL 6+ hardware wallet, which helps users to protect their private keys and increase the security of their funds. This feature is especially useful for users who frequently trade cryptocurrencies online.


The imToken wallet offers a simple and secure way to store multiple tokens and decentralized applications (dApps). It also features an integrated cryptocurrency exchange. Founded in 2016, the company operates out of Singapore and Hangzhou, China.

Users can protect their digital assets with a unique Identity Password, which is only able to be restored through the original Mnemonic phrase. The wallet can also be secured using the imKey hardware wallet, a device that securely stores private keys offline and prevents cyber attacks.

Unlike other mobile wallets, imToken allows users to control the security of their coins and dApps by allowing them to choose the network to use. This feature enables them to switch between different blockchains without the need for a browser extension or copying their private key. This allows users to choose the best chain for their specific use case.

It also allows users to send, receive and swap tokens directly from within the app. This instant exchange function makes it easy to get the most out of your wallet. It also allows you to save time by accelerating pending transactions and managing concurrent transactions.

Moreover,TokenPocket cold wallet download , imToken’s built-in exchange is compatible with the 0x and Kyber networks, which enables it to support a variety of token usages. In addition, the platform is integrated with WalletConnect v2.0, a protocol that connects wallets to DApps. This will allow users to quickly and easily access a wide range of DApps on their smartphones.


Imtoken is a non-custodial wallet that allows users to keep their private keys and mnemonics, giving them full control of their assets. However, this does not mean that users will not be able to lose their assets. In fact, according to incomplete statistics, the majority of lost digital assets are due to users failing to back up their mnemonics properly, rather than being stolen by third parties.

To prevent this from happening, imToken has improved the security of the app. It now supports a variety of DApps and provides users with a safe, secure environment to manage their crypto assets. This wallet can be used to store Ethereum (ETH) and ERC-20 standard Coins/Tokens, and has a user-friendly interface that is simple to use even for newbies. It also offers support for multiple languages including Vietnamese.

In addition, it supports a number of popular exchanges including Bittrex, Binance, and Tokenlon. It also offers a tab where users can perform exchange orders, buy and sell Coin/Token, as well as manage their wallets.

Another feature of the wallet is its WalletConnect 2.0, which allows users to connect to DApps on various networks with a single click. This feature will expand the interoperability of the blockchain ecosystem, making it easier for users to find DApps that meet their needs. In addition, WalletConnect 2.0 will allow users to view the name of the network where a DApp is located in their transaction notice list. This will make it easier for users to avoid scam tokens.


Scams have become a major issue in the crypto industry and have been putting users at risk of losing their digital assets. One recent scam involved a fake wallet that posed as the top ad on Chinese Google searches. This fake wallet was a phishing site that enticed users to deposit their cryptocurrency in it, thereby giving the criminals behind the website access to their digital assets. The criminals can then use the user’s wallet to withdraw their funds and steal their cryptocurrencies.

Scammers can also trick users into transferring their USDT to them by using the “token approval” feature. This allows a third party to transfer tokens out of your wallet without your consent. Tokens that have been approved by a third party are shown in your transaction record, and the amount can be seen if you click on the enlarge icon in the upper right corner of the record. If the approved amount is unlimited, you should immediately revoke this token approval.

It is a good idea to stay informed about these scams so that you can protect your cryptocurrency. You should always check the reputation of the company you are dealing with, and read all the terms of service carefully before signing up for any services. You should also keep your computer software updated to protect yourself from these threats.