The Imtoken registration tutorial is easy to operate and quickly helps you master digital asset management.

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ImToken Registration Tutorial

The e-wallet imToken is trusted by millions worldwide. It offers user privacy and decentralized finance management services.

The wallet provides cold storage function for a variety of coins. It also enables a secure offline signature with the imKey Pro hardware wallet and offers staking rewards for popular PoS tokens.

How to register?

Users can create an account by downloading the app and entering the necessary information. They must create an Identity Name, Password and PIN. They are also required to agree to the Terms of Service and Cookie Description. They must also participate in and pass an asset security self-assessment to enjoy the full functionality of their account.

Imtoken is a smart digital wallet that allows you to store and transfer tokens. It has a large capacity and is compatible with many blockchains. It can also provide services such as trading through Tokenlon and staking, which involves depositing coins for a certain amount of time to earn rewards.

It has a comprehensive risk control system and supports hardware wallets. In addition, it can decode transaction records and provide the ability to view token transactions in chronological order. It also has a cold wallet feature that lets you keep your private key offline and prevent cyber attacks.

To learn more about imToken, visit the official website and join the Discord community. The team will host a series of AMA events, and you can win Galaxy NFTs co-branded by imToken and EtherPOAP! The giveaway will take place from March 1st to March 31st. All participants who participate in the AMA will be eligible to receive the giveaway prize, and can submit questions via Discord chat or Twitter.

How to create a wallet?

The wallet function on imToken is the core of its security and convenience. With an identity backed by a mnemonic passphrase, users can manage wallets on different blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS from a single platform.

In addition to the 12 leading public blockchains, the e-wallet supports wallets on Layer 2 networks like Arbitrum and Optimism as well as on EVM-compatible chains like BNB Smart Chain (BSC). Using these multi-chain wallets, users can easily transfer assets between exchanges and enjoy a variety of rich ecosystem DApps.

To create a wallet on the imToken app, first select “Create Identity” to open a new multi-chain wallet. Users can also choose to import an identity from the old imToken 1.0 app or other compatible e-wallets. Then, fill in the mnemonic phrase and private key to finish creating the wallet. It is important to keep the mnemonic and private keys safe so that they cannot be lost or stolen.

When sending coins, users can use the slider to adjust the fees, which can speed up the transaction adding to the blockchain or reduce the cost. In addition, the built-in exchange makes it convenient to swap coins with other cryptocurrencies.

Besides supporting the traditional ETH wallet, imToken also allows users to transfer to and from their BNB wallet on Binance exchange by selecting the BNB in Network and copying the deposit address. Afterwards, the user can enter the asset page on imToken to complete the transfer process after paying the gas fee.

How to transfer tokens?

You can transfer assets in your wallet to others using a QR code or their imToken wallet address. Just enter the receiving party’s address and amount, then click “Transfer.” You can also copy an existing address by clicking the wallet balance that is visible on the asset page of a particular token. This will enable you to send the same token to another user in a different blockchain.

Once you have registered your wallet and created an account, you can start adding coins and tokens from the Wallet page. You can also add default coins such as ETH, BTC, and ATOM. After that, you can back up your wallet by selecting Backup Wallet. You will be given a set of 12 words (Backup Phrase) in order, which you must write down and keep somewhere safe, so you can use them to restore your wallet later.

You can find the Backup Phrase under “Manage Wallet.” The Backup Phrase is unique to your wallet and cannot be restored by imToken, so you must be sure to keep it in a secure place. It’s also important to note that if you share your wallet or lose the Recovery Identity Password, you will lose your funds. It’s best to make a backup of this password on your computer or mobile device before you lose it.

How to withdraw tokens?

There are three ways to get tokens: withdrawing from exchanges,The Latest Version of Ethereum Online Wallet , on-chain transfers and depositing through cross-chain bridges. When transferring from an exchange, make sure you select the correct network (Arbitrum). To withdraw from OKX, Binance or FTX, open the withdrawal page, paste your wallet address and click “Submit”.

You can also add Coin/Token through airdrops. These are distributions to the community from crypto projects to promote their development and increase public awareness. Usually, airdrops are free, but some require you to complete small tasks to get the coin/token. You can find these airdrops on the Assets page of your wallet. Once you have added the coins/tokens, copy the wallet address and share it with others through QR code scanning.

A new feature of the e-wallet is its digital identity system, which allows users to manage multiple wallets on different blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS, with one mnemonic passphrase. You can also import your wallets from other apps by creating an identity and backing up the mnemonic.

Another advantage of imToken is its low fees. The minimum fee for a transaction is 0.01 ETH. Other wallets typically charge a higher fee, so this is a significant savings for you. Furthermore, you can change your fee at any time. This is especially helpful if you plan to use your wallet regularly or if you want to transfer large amounts of money.