Is TokenPocket legal?

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Is TokenPocket legal

Is TokenPocket Legal?

TokenPocket is a non-custodial wallet, meaning that we do not store your private keys. Your private keys are stored on your local device and you have full custody of them.

However, please note that if your Wallet Password, Private Key, Mnemonic Words or Keystore is compromised or lost, you may lose your Tokens.


The TokenPocket is a multi-blockchain cryptocurrency wallet and dAppstore that allows Users to easily access more than 2200+ DApps in one place. It offers the convenience of a cryptocurrency wallet with security features like password protection, BPs voting, CPU & NET resource management and 3-layer encryption.

The wallet is non-custodial and the users’ private keys are stored on their devices, so they can fully control their crypto assets. It also supports multiple blockchains, including BTC, ETH, EOS, TRON, Polkadot, and Kusama. Additionally, the wallet is integrated with a Web3 browser that can interact with DApps and trade them in DEXs.

It is important to note that cryptocurrencies are volatile and have higher volatility compared to other financial assets. Therefore, users must understand and weigh the risks and rewards before making any transactions on TokenPocket. In addition, it is important to use TokenPocket under the guidance of parents or guardians if you are below 18 years old. Lastly, TokenPocket is not responsible for any losses incurred by you due to the volatility of cryptocurrencies.


TokenPocket is one of the most secure wallets available on the market. The app uses multiple layers of encryption to ensure the security of its users. It is also a non-custodial wallet, meaning that TokenPocket does not hold or know your private keys. Instead, you have full custody of your tokens and coins. TokenPocket also has an internal anti-malware system that protects your wallet from malware and other threats.

In addition to providing robust security, TokenPocket offers a variety of features that make it easy to use. For example, the wallet allows you to exchange and trade your cryptos. You can even check market quotations and DApp recommendations. Additionally, the app provides a wide variety of blockchain news and articles to keep you updated on current developments.

TokenPocket has also launched a series of efficient on-chain products, including cross-chain aggregator Transit Swap and NFT trading platform Transit NFT. The company’s on-chain product development has helped it to grow and compete with other wallets on the market.

TokenPocket is a world-leading digital currency wallet and DApp portal with multi-chain support. The wallet is free and available for both iOS and Android devices. It is easy to use and is backed up by an international security certification. The company has also incubated a hardware wallet called KeyPal, which uses dual-chip protection to keep your private keys safe from hackers.


a) The TokenPocket wallet is more than just a wallet. It is also a dAppstore, a blockchain toolkit and a one-stop shop for all things crypto. It supports various blockchain systems including BTC/ETH/BSC/HECO, TRON/Polkadot, EOS/COSMOS, Kusama and more. The dApps in the wallet are built on all of these blockchains and can be used by simply clicking “discovery”.

The TokenPocket wallet is non-custodial, which means that it does not hold or know your private keys. The private keys are stored locally on your device in a safe manner, physically isolated from other data, encrypted by a three-layer encryption algorithm and protected by a password to prevent unauthorized access. It is recommended to make backups on a regular basis, and users are responsible for their own devices and Wallet Password,Imtoken Wallet Baidu Encyclopedia , Private Key, Mnemonic Words and Keystore.

You understand and agree that the blockchain technology is a field of innovation with a high degree of risk. Your investment decisions should be rational and based on your financial status and risk preferences. You are also aware that the Tokens have much higher volatility compared to other financial assets. If you do not want to take this risk, you may choose to sell your Tokens on the TokenPocket exchange or transfer them to another third-party wallet. If the Tokens are not transferred successfully, you or your counterparty may suffer losses.


Besides the usual functions of crypto wallets, TokenPocket provides users with a variety of features to enhance their experience. For example, it enables users to easily swap their tokens and NFTs. It also allows them to check the market directly in the app using on-chain data-based candlestick charts. In addition, TokenPocket also offers NFT collections, allowing users to transfer and store various NFTs in the wallet.

It also enables users to send cryptocurrency to other addresses without leaving the wallet. To do this, they must tap “Money Transfer” from the administration screen and enter the destination address and a limit for GAS (service charge for transition). If the transaction is successful, it will be displayed on the wallet’s interface.

In addition, TokenPocket supports more than ten public blockchains and is the largest wallet for BTC, ETH and EOS. The company has a team with extensive practical experience in product development, operation and transaction technology. It also has a deep understanding of blockchain technology and is committed to exploring innovative applications in the Web3.0 world.

TokenPocket is a global leading digital currency wallet with billions of users around the world. It is built for security, with a multi-sig feature and cold storage support for Trezor, Ledger and Yubikey. It is an all-in-one solution for blockchain assets, combining a mobile wallet and decentralized exchange. It is focusing on building a bridge into the future of multi-chain products and a new generation of digital currency and DApps.