Resolution of Imtoken asset display issue

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Resolution of Imtoken asset display issue

Resolution of ImToken Asset Display Issue


imToken continues to prioritize usability by improving its user experience and digital asset management services. Among other updates, the latest version enhances authorization risk warning to prevent token scams, supports WalletConnect v2.0 to provide an effortless DApp connection experience and displays the network name in transaction notice list.

1. Check the address

Founded in 2016, imToken offers a smart digital wallet to help users manage and safeguard a wide range of blockchain- and token-based assets, identities and data. With a secure crypto wallet, user data is backed up and stored offline, protected against cyber attacks. The wallet also supports hardware wallets and cold storage, allowing users to have greater control over their digital assets.

Imtoken is a self-custodial wallet, which means that users own and fully control their mnemonic, private key and the funds in their own accounts. The company abides by strict security guidelines to protect its users' assets from stealing, loss or frauds.

In order to avoid transferring funds to the wrong account, it's important to check your address before sending. You can do this by going to "My Profile" - "Address Book". You can also save frequently used addresses as favorites for easy access.

To further enhance the security of your assets, you can back up your mnemonic and private key by clicking the "Manage Wallet" button on the my profile page or by going to "Settings" - "Backup Mnemonic". It's also important to backup your mnemonic in multiple ways, including writing it down on paper or saving it on an external storage device. This will help you retrieve your assets even if your smartphone is lost or you uninstall imToken.

2. Check the signature

The signature is important to ensure that your assets are safe from theft. In the event of a malicious attack, attackers can steal your tokens by using a fake signature. This kind of attack is common with scams that involve wallet permission manipulation. To prevent such attacks, imToken has enhanced its authorization risk warning to warn users against unauthorized authorizations.

If you notice that your transferred assets are not displaying on the wallet, you may have transferred to an unsupported network. Please contact the project team of the relevant network to retrieve your funds.

Besides facilitating multi-chain asset management and DApp browsing, imToken also provides various features to safeguard your digital assets. For example, the built-in exchange enables you to swap and trade a wide range of tokens, while the hardware wallet and cold wallet keep your private keys offline and prevent cyber attacks. In addition, the atomic swap feature allows you to instantly exchange any token on any blockchain with zero fees. Furthermore, a revamped DApp browser supports layer 2 DApps, making it easy to experience decentralized applications on different chains. For more information, visit the official website or download imToken. It’s free and secure. Just remember that digital asset investment comes with risks,Game blockchain , so be sure to make informed decisions before investing.

3. Check the ETH address

As a self-custodial wallet, imToken enables users to manage their own private keys and mnemonic, giving them full control over their assets. However, this also means that users are solely responsible for their digital assets and should exercise sufficient security knowledge to protect their assets from unauthorized access and theft.

To prevent theft, we recommend that you back up your mnemonic carefully without exposing it to others. Please note that this mnemonic represents your ownership of the asset on the blockchain, so it is very important to keep it safe. We advise you to back up your mnemonic on physical media, such as a notebook or USB stick, or use an online service that provides secure storage for your mnemonic, such as BitSecure.

In addition, we also recommend that you update your imToken app to the latest version and set up a VPN on your device to ensure a secure connection. Furthermore, if you have withdrawn an asset from an exchange, check the exchange's transfer page for confirmation of the successful transfer.

It is possible that you have accidentally transferred a token that is not supported by imToken to your wallet. You can check whether a token is supported by imToken by searching its contract address on a block explorer. For example, you can search for the contract address of BSC on Etherscan. If you find the contract address of a token that is not supported by imToken, please contact the project for assistance.

4. Check the QR code

When you transfer an asset to your imToken wallet, it is scanned and verified by the blockchain. This is a critical step in ensuring the security of your assets. It can also help prevent phishing scams by preventing the transfer of funds from a fake address to your real one.

If you are unsure whether the transaction has been completed, you can check the QR code of the asset by clicking it on the wallet page. This will open a page for you to scan the QR code on an offline phone and access the Allowance Signature (ASC) page. You will be prompted to enter a password for this.

In addition, imToken will continue to improve its risk control system to help users avoid such attacks in future updates. For example, we have already taken measures to remove 0 USDT transactions from the list of TRX wallet addresses and will further strengthen our risk management system to protect our user base.

To ensure that your assets are safe, always follow the advice of renowned cybersecurity experts and take extra precaution when using the Internet, including storing your mnemonic in a secure place. The best practice is to keep a copy of your mnemonic in the form of a photo, file, memo, WeChat, mailbox, computer folder, or notebook. This will ensure that even if you lose your mobile phone, you will still be able to recover your assets.