Imtoken latest version app: The expert in digital asset security management

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ImToken - The Expert in Digital Asset Security Management

Free non-custodial wallet that allows you to trade a huge range of tokens in a secure manner. Your tokens never leave your wallet.

Multi-chain wallet with Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS support. One mnemonic password and one backup gives you access to all supported blockchains and tokens.

Safe, simple and powerful light-wallet that enables you to use fun DApps. Prioritizes security and usability.

WalletConnect v2.0

WalletConnect is the bridge that links a DApp with a user’s crypto wallet. When a DApp wishes to send you a transaction, it sends the request to WalletConnect. Then, WalletConnect relays the request to your wallet in a decentralized manner. This allows you to connect a dApp with your crypto wallet without needing to be connected to the same server as it.

Using the WalletConnect API, you can connect any blockchain to your wallet and enjoy the benefits of multi-chain asset management. This includes the ability to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat, or even swap your assets to another blockchain. Moreover, you can use your wallet to track the performance of your investment portfolio in real time.

You can also use your WalletConnect wallet to secure your coins by staking them, or storing them in cold storage. You can even manage your NFTs and DApps in one place. The interface is easy to navigate and intuitive, making it a great option for newcomers.

In addition, you can use a free emulator like MemuPlay to run the latest imToken on your PC. It supports the Android version of the app and runs it smoothly. The emulator is available on Google Playstore and has a high average user rating of 4.2 stars. The process is quick and simple, and you can get the app up and running in minutes.

Token Risk Control System

The latest version of imToken adds a new NFT page to give users one-stop management. The NFT page displays basic information and transaction records, making it easier to manage your NFTs. Also, imToken has added a new feature that decodes token transactions on Ethereum and Arbitrum to help users understand what is happening on-chain.

Moreover, the TRX wallet has been upgraded for a more secure and seamless experience. The TRX wallet now filters out zero-amount transfers to prevent fraudulent transactions from appearing in a user’s transaction record. This will protect TRX users from being tricked by scammers who use zero-amount transfers to hide their identity and reroute funds from the user’s wallet.

imToken is an all-in-one cryptocurrency and blockchain digital asset management tool that enables you to store, exchange, trade, manage, monitor and explore various kinds of tokens and other crypto assets. It is an Ethereum mobile light-wallet that allows you to enjoy the freedom of wallet creation or import, convenient yet secure transactions and real-time market updates.

In addition, it supports multi-chain wallets, a stablecoin and DApp browser. It supports BTC, ETH,Imtoken transfer cryptocurrency to exchange , EOS, ATOM, XLM, BCH, LTC, KSM, Polkadot, Filecon, Tezos and other main blockchains. Besides, it is integrated with a secure and reliable decentralized exchange (DEX). It is included in 3 Analyst Collections: Blockchain. Designed for mobile, it provides a full range of features with a clean and minimalist interface.

Transaction Push Notifications

You'll get push notifications if we have important things to tell you, like when money goes in and out of your accounts or a credit card repayment is due. You'll also get notifications if your daily limit is changing or you change your contact details. It's free to receive these notifications. If you don't want to get them, turn them off in the app or online.

We've upgraded the risk control system for the ETH wallet, optimized the NFT page for one-stop management of NFTs and decoded transactions on Ethereum so you can see what happens on-chain in more detail. You can also filter token transaction records by time, status and type in the account activity section of your ETH wallet.

Securely manage thousands of tokens with the all-in-one wallet you trust since 2016. Watch DeFi balances grow, transfer ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFTs, earn with Ethereum games, experience ETH staking and DApp browsing in one place. Plus, trade on the Instant Exchange – our own one-click exchange base on smart contracts so your tokens never leave your wallet.

The UI of your ETH and TRX wallet is now more intuitive and easier to understand with the redesigned Address Book and NFT display page. And you can now easily access your ETH and TRX wallets on PC via Wallet Connect without downloading the whole application again.

Address Book

Tokens can be stored on your local device or sent to the cloud through Wallet Connect. Once stored, they can be moved around freely. You can even exchange your tokens with other users. Wallet Connect also allows you to view the price of your tokens on major exchanges and track changes in real time.

The latest version of imToken has added some new features. Among them, the "Account Activity" page now displays detailed token transaction records including the time, status, and type. It's also easier to understand transactions on the Ethereum network thanks to new decoding and presentation functions.

In addition to that, there are some bug fixes and performance optimizations in this release. The most notable is a change to how zero-amount transfers are handled in the TRX wallet. This change is designed to help prevent scams that use small or zero-amount transfers as part of their scheme.

Founded in 2016, imToken is a Singapore-based company that provides a smart digital wallet. Its blockchain and cryptocurrency services enable consumers, businesses, and organizations to pay each other online and at physical point-of-sale locations. The company is a member of the Gartner Expert Collections, which combines unmatched analyst expertise in technology with in-depth private company data to deliver the most comprehensive set of tech insights for businesses. The company has raised a total of $40M in funding and is backed by investors including IDG Capital, Breyer Capital, Qiming Venture Partners, Longling Capital, and Signum Capital.