Download the international version of Imtoken to easily manage your digital assets.

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Download the international version of Imtoken to easily manage your digital assets

ImToken Review

imToken is a digital wallet trusted by millions. It offers multi-chain asset management and dApp browsing, and features an optional hardware wallet integration called imKey.

It is a self-custodial wallet, so users keep their private keys and mnemonics, and they are responsible for protecting their assets from loss or theft. The company also advises them to back up their mnemonics frequently.

Downloading the international version of Imtoken

Imtoken is a popular digital wallet that supports multi-chain asset management, DApp browsing, and safe exchange of value. The wallet is designed to meet strict security standards, but it also features a clean user interface. It is available on mobile and desktop computers. It can store most cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and bitcoin. It can be used to trade these currencies on the built-in decentralized exchange (DEX).

The latest version of Imtoken was released in 2018. It includes many upgrades, such as a new identity system that allows users to manage multiple wallets with one mnemonic phrase. It also supports biometric verification. This helps protect users from identity theft and fraud. The wallet is also integrated with the Tokenlon DEX, which provides best-price and gas-free trading.

In 2018, imToken received a $10 million Series A investment from venture firm IDG Capital. The company plans to expand its global presence and increase the number of supported cryptocurrencies. It has also established Singapore as its global headquarters.

The new release of the international version of imToken is intended to make it easier for crypto investors to access their assets. It also offers a number of security enhancements, such as support for hardware wallets and cold storage. The app also synchronizes price feeds from major exchanges to ensure accurate and up-to-date prices.

Creating an account

Imtoken is a digital wallet that allows you to store various tokens and crypto currencies. You can also trade them using the built-in exchange. It also features a news feed and stakeout functionality, where you can earn rewards for holding your coins for a set period of time.

This app is available on iOS and Android devices. Its interface is simple and straightforward. Once you’ve created an account,The application scenarios of blockchain in the financial industry include digital images and videos, which will be translated while preserving the original format. , you can add different types of assets to your wallet and manage them from the dashboard. You can also use it to track your portfolio and get price alerts.

The new version of the imToken wallet has added support for mainstream hardware wallets, such as Ledger and CoolWallet. It also has an optimized startup speed. The company is focusing on expanding its user base and has recently raised $10 million in Series A funding.

Users can create an identity in the wallet by entering their mnemonic passphrase. Upon doing so, they can open a multi-chain wallet that can hold BTC, Ethereum and EOS. They can recover these wallets using the same mnemonic passphrase. ImToken also supports importing wallets from other services. However, users are advised to back up their mnemonic passphrase before importing. This way, they can avoid losing their assets. It’s also important to keep your seed phrase safe and not share it with anyone.

Adding assets

If you want to add a cryptocurrency to your imToken wallet, you can do it by following the instructions on the website. The process is very simple and will only take a few minutes. After adding the currency, you can begin to use it to purchase items or trade with others.

You can also withdraw or receive digital assets from other users by clicking on the “Send” or “Receive” buttons. You can then share your wallet address with the person you want to send or receive money from. Once you have the recipient’s wallet address, you can then exchange your crypto with them.

The app also provides a range of advanced functions to improve user experience, including the ability to accelerate pending transactions and synchronize your wallet. It also allows you to view all token transaction records. This can help you prevent identity theft and other types of cyber attacks.

Imtoken has over 10 million downloads around the world, and its team aims to uphold impeccable security standards while still offering a straightforward design for newcomers. The app offers four main functions: Wallet, Market, DApp Browser, and My Profile. It is also available in both iOS and Android, and it supports hardware wallet integration via blueethoo with the upcoming imKey device. Its team is constantly working on adding support for additional blockchains and cryptocurrencies.

Sending and receiving assets

The imToken wallet can be used to send and receive cryptocurrencies. The wallet is easy to use and secure. It has a friendly interface and can be used by first-time users. It supports a variety of cryptos including ETH and ERC-20 standard Coins/Tokens. It also has a number of advance functions.

The multi-chain wallet allows users to manage multiple blockchains using a single identity. They can import their bitcoin, ETH and EOS wallets under one mnemonic phrase. In addition, they can also view all the token transaction records in their wallets. This will give them a better control over their wallets. The wallet also supports mainstream hardware wallets such as the Ledger and CoolWallet.

In addition to these features, the imToken wallet offers a range of other tools to help you stay on top of your digital assets. You can access your balance, send and receive coins/tokens, view your transactions and perform various other tasks. You can also add a backup to keep your assets safe in case of a hack or loss.

The imToken wallet has several new updates to improve its security and functionality. In particular, the 2.0 version has added support for hardware wallets such as Ledger and CoolWallet. It has also improved its security by requiring face ID or fingerprint verification to send funds. This will prevent hackers from accessing your private keys. In addition, the wallet is integrating with the Tokenlon decentralized exchange to allow trading with a best-price and gas-free model.