Upgrade to Imtoken2.0 and experience the latest version.

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Upgrade to Imtoken2 and experience the latest version

ImToken 2 Review

Imtoken is a multichain wallet, which lets users manage multiple heterogeneous chains with a single identity and mnemonic. It is a unique concept in crypto industry.

Besides, this wallet features DApps browser and built-in exchange. In addition, it has a comprehensive risk control system and supports hardware wallets such as Ledger and CoolWallet.

WalletConnect v2.0

WalletConnect is the decentralized communication protocol for web3 that seamlessly connects blockchain wallets to DApps. It is a critical piece of technology for the web3 ecosystem and has become a standard in the industry.

With WalletConnect, users can easily connect with DApps without having to scan a QR code or use a browser extension. The wallet connection is secure and only allows access to mnemonic and private keys when required by the DApp. This reduces the exposure of private data and prevents malicious actors from stealing user information or funds.

The original WalletConnect v1.0 shut down this week but the newly launched v2.0 version offers several improvements for users. For example, the new version caches previously paired wallets, which eliminates the need for repeated pairing. It also supports simultaneous multi-chain support to allow users to easily switch between dApps across different chains.

Users can also import multiple mnemonic passphrases from different wallets into one imToken account. They can then manage all their transactions and wallets in one place. The platform also provides a tab where users can find out more about their cryptos and view the markets they are traded on. Users can also manage their currencies, language preferences, DApps and more. Lastly, the dashboard features an intuitive user interface that is easy to navigate for even the most novice of users.

Hardware Wallet Support

The hardware wallets can help users keep their cryptocurrencies safe and secure by keeping the private keys on the device itself. This is a great way to prevent hacks and other security breaches as the private keys are never accessible to unauthorized individuals. To use the wallet with a hardware wallet, users need to set it up on a cold wallet(a phone with aeroplane mode) and then import it to the hot wallet(Network mode). Once done,How to download Imtoken on computer , they can access their cryptocurrencies and send them from the hardware wallet by scanning the unique transaction QR code within the hot wallet.

The new imToken 2.12.2 version is now compatible with most popular hardware wallets. This means users can now transfer cryptos from their wallet on the device to the wallet in the app, then trade them on the imToken exchange with no extra fees incurred.

We have also upgraded our address book management feature to include a convenient "Add to Address Book" function. Now when you paste an address in a transaction, imToken will automatically recognize the address and add it to your address book, making address management more efficient.

We have also enhanced our support for testnets by adding a new Faucet entrance that allows users to directly receive test coins from their wallets in the app. This feature makes it easier than ever to test out new blockchains and cryptos without having to go through an exchange or other third party.

DApps Browser

Powered by WalletConnect, a protocol for connecting blockchain wallets to DApps, imToken enables users to access and seamlessly connect with a wide range of dApps without having to install browser extensions or copy their private keys. It is a multi-chain digital asset management wallet and also a DApps browser that supports 12 mainstream blockchains including Ethereum, EOS, TRON, ETH staking, Heco, Polkadot, Bitshares, Filecon, Avalanche, Polygon and more.

The user interface is designed to be intuitive and simple for anyone to use regardless of their technical background. It allows you to manage multiple wallets for various blockchain projects and currencies in a single interface with the ability to view their transaction history. Moreover, it provides security features such as a mnemonic phrase that encrypts your wallet data and a backup passphrase to restore your wallet in case the device or app crashes.

Users can easily transfer their assets between different wallets via the built in token swap function. With this, they can save on storage fees and avoid the risk of losing their assets if a third party takes possession of their phone or account. In addition, a variety of advance functions such as accelerating pending transactions and synchronising the address book are available. The wallet also supports mainstream hardware wallets such as Ledger and CoolWallet.

Importing Wallets

imToken is a mobile wallet application that supports multichain asset management and allows users to exchange tokens without leaving the app. The company offers a secure platform for users to store their Bitcoin and Ethereum assets as well as other ERC-20 coins. It also provides a built-in exchange, via Tokenlon and Bittrex, enabling users to trade their Crypto.

Its multichain support makes it an attractive option for investors, and its one-click swap facility is both instant and cost effective. Additionally, its DAPPs browser and staking feature enhances the user experience. It is also a great choice for those who wish to have a secure and private wallet.

To import an existing wallet, tap on the menu and select “Import Wallet”. Then, enter your 12-word recovery phrase or if you have backed up your wallet in QR code form, scan it to add it.

The wallet enables you to keep track of all your coins and tokens in one place and can be used as an online backup for your private keys. It is easy to use and offers a variety of features that make it a solid choice for newcomers to cryptocurrency. Moreover, it has a robust security system that uses a combination of face ID and fingerprint verification for login and transfer processes. It is also compatible with all major mobile devices.