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ImToken 57

The imToken App for Android and iOS is a safe, simple and powerful light wallet. It supports a wide range of digital assets including ethereum and Erc-20 tokens. It also supports hardware wallets and cold wallets to keep your privkeys offline and prevent cyber attacks.

Manage thousands of tokens, watch DeFi balances grow, flip NFTs and experience Layer 2 staking, plus DApp browsing all in one place.

Wallet Addresses

The new address book management function makes it easier for users to manage their wallet addresses. When users paste a wallet address in the input field, imToken automatically recognizes it and provides a convenient “Add to Address Book” option. This significantly simplifies the process of storing wallet addresses and eliminates the need for manual operations.

We’ve also optimized the home screen display of the app, adding displays for token unit prices, appreciation/depreciation rates, and token names, so that users can easily grasp important information about their assets. They can choose to enable or disable these displays according to their own needs and preferences.

In addition, we’ve improved the performance of the wallet by optimizing its startup speed. Now, on Android and iOS devices, users can experience faster startup times when using the app.

We’ve listened to user feedback and have added a feature that allows you to select the miner fee you want to pay when making transactions. This will help you achieve the optimal balance between transaction confirmation time and cost. You can find the function in the “Network Switch” page under the “Economy Gears” section.

Backup Wallets

imToken is a multi-chain Ethereum wallet with built-in exchange, allowing users to access multiple Blockchain accounts with one identity. It supports a wide range of EVM-compatible tokens and offers multiple security enhancements for better protection.

Users can backup their wallets in three ways: mnemonic, private key and keystore. Mnemonic is the most secure option, as it consists of 12 words. However, it is not as easy to recover if the device is lost or destroyed. Private keys are a more flexible way to backup your wallet, but they can also be lost easily if you forget your password.

Keystore is an encrypted version of your private key, and it can be backed up via Google Drive or Dropbox. Regardless of which method you choose, you should back up your wallet regularly. This will ensure that your assets are protected in case of theft or other issues.

Besides, imToken provides a risk control system and hardware wallet support, helping you protect your digital assets. It also enables you to access DApps on different chain protocols in one app and earn interest.

The app is a perfect solution for those who want to trade multiple cryptocurrencies without having to use centralized exchanges, which often come with extra fees and transfer risks. Moreover, the app is integrated with a DApp browser, which makes it easier to explore the tokenized world.

Transaction History

Enhanced security with support for hardware wallets (iKey), cold storage and advanced encryption algorithms. Ensures your private keys stay offline and protects you from cyber attacks.

To better understand transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, imToken has decoded the token transaction records, giving you one-stop management of your ETH wallet. You can now see all the token transaction records including time, status and type of transactions.

Enhanced authorization risk warning to triple security protection against common scams. You will receive a notification when you receive assets from an unknown address to prevent thefts. You can also show the QR code to the sender of CKB transfers to confirm your identity and avoid fraud. Moreover, a new option has been added to display only the verified CKB balance in your wallet.


With imToken, you can receive airdrops by scanning a QR code and showing it to the sender. The recipient can then transfer the tokens to his or her wallet. This is a convenient way to send and receive cryptocurrencies. This feature is available for both Android and iOS.

Airdrops are a common marketing strategy for many new crypto projects. These free tokens are distributed to the community to increase awareness and participation in the project. Tokens can also be distributed to existing users as a reward for performing small tasks, such as signing up for a website or creating an account on social media.

imToken is a safe, simple and powerful light wallet for ethereum and erc-20 tokens. The platform is secure and has a multi-layer security system to protect user data from cyber attacks. It also supports hardware wallets and cold wallets, allowing users to keep their private keys offline and prevent them from being stolen.

With the growing number of airdrop tokens, it is necessary to clarify imToken’s position on this matter. Since different airdrops come in various forms and require different claiming procedures, it is impossible for imToken to support all of them. We recommend users to follow the relevant projects’ community for tutorials and announcements. This will help them avoid being scammed.