Mobile TP Wallet User Guide

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Mobile TP Wallet User Guide

Mobile TP Wallet is a sleek, easy-to-use mobile wallet for cryptos and NFTs on Android and iOS. It is a non-custodial wallet with users owning their private keys.

Its dApp support includes Uniswap,The latest blockchain pet game app download , Aave, Compound Finance, PancakeSwap and more with its Web3 DApp browser. It also supports staking for more than a dozen proof-of-stake blockchain networks.


A mobile wallet allows for a seamless transaction by creating a link between the physical and digital worlds. It is also the ideal tool for driving engagement with your guests and building loyalty through a personalised rewards programme.

A secure e-wallet is the best way to keep your private card information safe. It uses tokenisation which creates a unique number for every purchase and removes the need to disclose your actual card details. It also means that you can use your mobile wallet anywhere - even when there are no wifi connections or data networks.

Using your Wallet to buy tickets, food and drink, merchandise and more is easy. All you need is a smartphone with a supported mobile operating system and the Trust Wallet app. All your personal data is stored on your device and you control the access to it with a secret phrase and PIN. The Trust Wallet app is also non-custodial which means we don’t hold your private keys.

Easily prompt your customers to join your loyalty program with a push notification after they complete a transaction. Use this to build loyalty for your existing audience and entice new ones. Research shows it can cost up to 5 times more to acquire a new customer than to retain them.


Staking is a popular way to earn rewards on cryptocurrencies that use the Proof of Stake consensus algorithm or its many variants. To take part in the staking process, you must "lock" a specified amount of your cryptocurrency without using it. In exchange for this lock, you receive a portion of the network's rewards.

You can stake your cryptocurrencies in Trust Wallet, which supports more than 4.5 million tokens and can interact with 65 blockchain networks. The wallet uses an open source staking-as-a-service protocol and pooled staking system to allow you to stake ADA coins without needing to maintain a full node or submit your private keys to third parties.

Additionally, you can connect your crypto wallet to dApps with the help of WalletConnect. This allows you to securely transact with dApps and other decentralized services. It’s available for iOS and will also be integrated into the Trust Wallet web platform.

In addition to being an ideal tool for building loyalty amongst your guests, a mobile wallet also gives you valuable first-party transaction data. This can be used to identify your most loyal customers and provide them with tailored incentives or promotions to increase their spend. Alternatively, it can also be used to identify casual visitors to your venue and encourage them to attend more frequently by sending them targeted messages that offer a specific discount or reward.

Offline Storage

The act of storing a wallet or the private keys to a crypto account offline (non-connected to the internet) to make it impractical for hackers to access or steal user funds. This is typically done by using a hardware device like a USB wallet (like Ledger or TREZOR) or by exporting a 12 word recovery phrase to a file and then storing the file on a separate offline storage system, such as a thumb drive or hard disk.

It is particularly useful to use offline storage for data that is not regularly accessed or updated as keeping it continuously connected to the network would be a heavy drain on the company's bandwidth and resources. Offline storage is typically used for data backups and to protect against unforeseen circumstances such as hardware failure or the deletion of files by computer viruses.

Similarly, with Mobile TP Wallet, a customer could export their private keys to an external offline storage system and then import them back into the e-wallet to allow them to continue making transactions and staking while their phone is disconnected from the internet. This method of offline storage is also very useful for companies that must comply with regulatory requirements and supply information to the government. By storing the information on write-once media that cannot be easily edited, companies are legally protected in case it is ever required to be supplied for legal reasons.