The Bitpie Wallet is the official and secure solution to easily manage your digital assets.

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Bitpie Wallet Review

Bitpie is a multi-blockchain wallet that aims to protect client funds with industry-leading security features. It also supports hardware wallets and offers an integrated exchange for a seamless experience.

First, Bitpie will ask you to make a backup code of your wallet (12-word phrase). This is important because this is the only way you can access your funds if you lose your device.

Multi-Blockchain Support

Bitpie is a non-custodial bitcoin wallet that doesn’t store your cryptocoins on its servers. Instead, your private keys are saved in an encrypted format on your mobile phone. This makes it harder for hackers to access your funds. Furthermore, Bitpie offers a variety of security features to keep your coins safe. These include an anti-fraud system and a recovery seed. The latter is a string of 12 pseudo-random words that can be used to restore your wallet on another device.

The wallet supports a large number of blockchains and sidechains, including the Bitcoin lightning network. This makes it ideal for users of Dapps who use the lightning network on a regular basis. It also has a simple UI and is compatible with the BitHD hardware wallet.

In addition to its multi-blockchain support, Bitpie has a range of other useful features that make it stand out from the crowd. These include a transaction accelerator that speeds up the confirmation speed of transactions and a wallet import feature. Moreover, Bitpie’s customer support is available in both English and Chinese.

Multi-Token Support

Bitpie Wallet is an all-in-one blockchain asset management platform. It aims to make it easier for users to manage and exchange their crypto assets. In addition to a built-in exchange, it also offers features like the Pie Store and an address book. Moreover, the wallet supports a variety of blockchains and sidechains and is compatible with Lightning Network.

The 'Seed Phrase' in Bitpie is a random number generated by the user device. This seed phrase is a local behavior and does not connect with the server, which means Bitpie cannot control the user's wallet HD account or use it for any other purpose.

Moreover, Bitpie wallet is a non-custodial wallet, which means that the user holds responsibility for their assets. Users should make sure that they have a backup of their wallet, or a seed phrase, and keep it safe. In the case of force majeure, Bitpie is not responsible for any loss of users' assets. This includes government actions, natural disasters, wars, strikes, hacker attacks, computer viruses, and other unavoidable incidents. This is why the platform has a strict security policy to protect user assets.

Multi-Signature Support

Bitpie is a non-custodial wallet, which means you hold all access keys (Private Key) yourself. Therefore, Bitpie does not have access to your wallet and will not return your assets if you lose your wallet or backup code (the 12-word phrase). This is why it is important to make sure that you have a safe place to store the code for your wallet.

With multi-signature support, Bitpie allows you to control your digital assets more efficiently. This feature gives you the ability to transfer your assets between different blockchains and sidechains with a click of a button. This will allow you to diversify your crypto portfolio and maximize the value of your investments.

Bitpie uses Secure Element technology to protect the private key of your wallet. This technology ensures that no one can steal or otherwise gain access to your wallet funds. In addition, Bitpie provides a variety of security tools that help you keep your cryptocurrency safe. These include a strong encryption algorithm, a robust multi-factor authentication system, and a user-friendly interface.

Easy to Use

The Bitpie wallet has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to use. It also supports a wide range of blockchains, sidechains, and the Bitcoin Lightning Network. This makes it the ideal choice for Dapp users and those that use the Lightning network on a regular basis.

The wallet also prioritizes privacy and security. It has a robust security system that prevents hacking and data theft. In addition, the wallet has no history of being hacked, making it one of the safest crypto wallets on the market.

Bitpie uses Hierarchical Deterministic Wallet technology to store the private keys of its users. This means that the keys are controlled by the users themselves, rather than a third party. This is an important feature, especially given the recent spate of wallet hacks.

The Bitpie wallet has a high level of security, which includes military-grade encryption and an internal auditing process. Its security is further reinforced by a password requirement and a two-factor authentication process. The wallet is also available in multiple languages, including Chinese and English.

High Security

Bitpie offers high security features to ensure that users can manage their blockchain assets safely. This includes supporting a variety of blockchains, supporting multiple tokens, and enabling multi-signature support. It also supports the Bitcoin Lightning Network, making it a great choice for users who are looking for a safe place to store their crypto assets.

In addition to this,The latest 2022 blockchain game ranking list. , Bitpie allows its users to create a backup code for their wallets. This is a series of 12 Chinese characters or English words that is unique to each user and serves as the recovery seed. This is an important step because it protects the user’s private keys from theft.

Bitpie’s service is free to use, which is a big benefit for newcomers to the world of crypto. It also has a good customer support service that responds quickly to questions in both Chinese and English. Bitpie also has a partnership with BITHD, a hardware wallet that provides excellent security and is compatible with the Bitpie app. This makes it even easier to keep your crypto safe.