TP wallet asset stolen, don't forget to protect personal information!

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TP Wallet Asset Stolen

Backup Your Wallet

TP wallet is an encrypted digital wallet that provides users with a safe, convenient and secure environment to store and interact with their assets. The wallet is designed to better protect user assets and is compatible with multi-signature settings. However, if you share your private key or secret recovery phrase with a third party, they can control your assets and steal your money. So please make sure to backup your wallet and keep the 12-word backup phrase somewhere safe.

Change Your Mnemonic Phrase

If someone has their mnemonic phrase stolen,Is Imtoken wallet good to use? , the easiest way to restore their wallet is to generate a new mnemonic and move all of the assets from their old address to their new one. However, this is not a perfect solution because a malicious user can still steal their mnemonic phrase by intercepting and importing it into another fake wallet.

To avoid this, always make sure to back up your mnemonic phrase using physical media such as paper. We strongly recommend writing it down on multiple pieces of paper and storing them in separate locations to prevent a single point of loss from events such as fires or floods. It is also a good idea to double-check that the words are in correct order and that there are no spelling mistakes.

It is important to never store your recovery phrase in a digital form that is easily accessible to others, such as a photo on a phone or a text file on the computer. It is also recommended to only backup your mnemonic phrase on devices that are not connected to the internet (like a flash drive). Always store your mnemonic phrase in a secure location and keep it safe from theft or accidental loss.