TP wallet stolen, suffered heavy losses

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TP Wallet Stolen From Atomic Wallet and SunSwap

The hackers stole money from noncustodial mobile wallets like Atomic Wallet and Trust Wallet. They swept both tokens and base assets from the victims’ addresses through swapping applicati9ons such as Uniswap or SunSwap.

Sadly, Newport council will not let him search the rubbish site, citing ecological damage and the risk of trawling through it without a permit. This means that his Bitcoin will be lost forever.

TP Wallet is a decentralized platform

TP Wallet is an all-in-one cryptocurrency wallet with a suite of products and services. It has everything from the extra security of a cold wallet to the liquidity of a centralized exchange. This makes it a one-stop shop for crypto enthusiasts. But the plethora of services can be confusing.

Unlike custodial wallets, which hold private keys for you, non-custodial wallets allow you to have full custody of your assets and responsibilities for securing your own key. Many users prefer this method because it offers the best security, but others would rather have a centralised service take responsibility for their funds and entrust their private keys to a trusted exchange.

The TokenPocket team has extensive experience in server and streaming computing. Its members have worked at top internet companies such as Xunlei and Baidu. Their knowledge and expertise in peer-to-peer communications, artificial intelligence and cloud storage technology is instrumental in developing the TokenPocket product line.

The TP token (TPT) is an EOS-based utility token that represents a user’s and developer’s right to use the TokenPocket platform. It can be used for EOS gas purchase, Wallet advanced functions unlocking, and TP advertising fee payment. In addition, TPT can also be used to participate in the governance of Dpos (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) blockchains by voting for BPs or proxies.

TP Wallet is a decentralized exchange

Many users prefer to keep their assets in a wallet that is non-custodial, allowing them full control of their private keys. This way, if they lose their private keys, they can still access their funds. Others, however, would rather entrust their assets to an exchange and take advantage of the liquidity it offers. Fortunately, the TokenPocket Wallet and TPExchange offer both options for users. They are both a decentralized exchange and a wallet, with the TokenPocket token (TPT) serving as the link between the wallet, users, and developers. This allows the TPT to be used for transactions such as EOS Gas purchase, wallet advanced functions unlock, and TP Man rewards.

TP Wallet is a decentralized voting platform

TP Wallet is committed to creating a safe and convenient digital environment for users. It provides a variety of services to support TRON developers and help them develop DAPPs on the platform. It also allows users to interact with the blockchain more easily.

Users can sign up for a TP wallet free of charge, and the account is based on the Tron account string, a random string of 34 letters and numbers. The user can import their existing TRON wallet through private key import or scan the QR code. When importing a cold wallet, the phone should be on airplane mode to protect the keys and assets.