Imtoken's latest version 2.0: The digital asset management tool adds new features.

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Imtokens Latest Version 2

4. Better usability

A new Documents page Favorites view shows folder members and tags in a slide-out panel. You can also edit an asset or content item from a thumbnail view, and use custom field editors on digital asset types. Smart keywords now support French and Spanish. You can add up to 30 rules in granular permissions on specific asset types and taxonomy categories. You can create and delete multiple rendition policies at the same time, and you can use an explicit rule to override a default permission.

You can create a dynamic collection based on a complex search query and choose data fields, search operators, and values. You can share the collection so that other users can find the assets they need to complete a task.

You can preview a content item while editing or viewing it, and you can publish the asset directly from the viewer or editor without returning to the list. You can also change the state of a pending publication job,What is Bitpie? , and you can copy completed jobs to schedule them for a later date.