The latest version of Imtoken Android 2.8.3 for download

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The Latest Version of ImToken Android 283 For Download

The latest version of imtoken Android 283 for download. Your secure crypto and bitcoin wallet since 2016. Manage thousands of tokens, watch DeFi balances grow, flip NFTs, earn with Ethereum games and experience Layer 2 & Eth2 staking. Plus DEX & DApp browsing.

Users can migrate their wallets from the old imToken 1.0 app by importing a digital identity. Each imported identity has a maximum of 3 wallets on different blockchains including Bitcoin, Ethereum and EOS.


Imtoken is a popular multi-chain wallet known for its extensive coin support and user-friendly design. It also offers many security enhancements and a built-in exchange. Its risk control system safeguards users’ digital assets and supports hardware wallets to keep private keys offline. The app is available on iOS, Android, and Windows.

The latest version of the wallet includes several improvements and bug fixes. It has filtered out zero-amount transactions from the TRX wallet and improved the decoding of Ethereum transactions. This will help users understand their transactions more clearly. Additionally, the ETH wallet now displays NFTs’ basic information and transaction records in an easy-to-read manner.

Another new feature is the ability to swap coins using the built-in exchange. This makes it easier to exchange tokens for cash or other currencies. Imtoken’s fees are under your control, and you can adjust them to make sure that your transfers go through quickly. This wallet also features a secure cold storage function that allows you to store your coins on an external device. You can also use it as a dApp browser, which gives you access to various chains without needing an account. You can even search for DApps by name or link. This makes it a convenient way to manage your crypto and dApps. It also supports multiple blockchains, including ETH, EOS, TRON, and NFT.


In the market feature, users can make quick transactions by buying or selling cryptos on the built-in exchange. They can even use their own wallet addresses if they want to keep their coins offline,Blockchain and Supply Chain Finance Whitepaper (Version 1.0) , which is very helpful for security purposes. This way, their coins are safe from online threats like malware and hacking. It’s also possible to trade their cryptos for fiat currencies such as USD, EUR and Yen.

This update also optimizes the home screen of the imToken wallet, adding displays for token unit prices, appreciation & depreciation rates and token names, helping users grasp important information on their holdings more easily. Meanwhile, we have upgraded the address book management function to allow you to add a wallet address into your list with one click, facilitating fast transfers.

Moreover, we have added the option to set miner fees in fiat currency instead of just GWEI units. This will help users achieve the best balance between transaction confirmation time and fee cost.

You can now receive payments from other imToken users by simply showing the QR code on the Receive page to the recipient. Besides, we have improved the way you can send CKB to other users by setting the minimum transfer amount to 61 CKB excluding gas and miner fee. The transaction record is also shown on the Transfer page so you can keep track of your payments.


Using the browser feature of imToken, you can access and run decentralized applications (DApps) on various blockchains. These apps are built using smart contracts, allowing you to make transactions and use the apps without any intermediaries or third parties. The browser also allows you to view token transaction records, including their history and details. You can also set your own fees for the transaction, letting you customize your experience and save on transaction costs.

If you want to transfer your cryptos between different accounts, the wallet connect feature of imToken can help. With this, you can transfer your digital assets to and from big exchanges in one click. The feature is secure, as it uses a hardware wallet or an old phone for cold storage, preventing cyber attacks on your private keys.

In the new version of imToken, you can manage multiple wallets on different blockchains through a single digital identity. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, and EOS. However, you can only import up to three wallets. The wallets that you import must be backed up by a mnemonic passphrase or a Keystore.

Another feature of the new version of imToken is its ability to detect problems in your network connection. This helps you identify any issues that could affect the sync of your digital assets, such as withdrawn assets that aren’t displayed in your wallet.

My Profile

The profile feature of imToken allows users to see the detailed information about a token. It is a useful tool for users to check the token’s roadmap, development history and other important aspects before investing in it. The feature is also helpful for analyzing the risk of an investment. The information on the token’s profile can be found in the Wallet tab of the app.

The imToken platform has an extensive security system that safeguards users’ assets. It supports hardware wallets and cold wallets that keep private keys offline, preventing cyber attacks. In addition, it decodes transactions on the Ethereum and Arbitrum blockchains and provides access to DApps on popular layers 2 networks.

Another benefit of the imToken platform is its self-custodial wallet system, which means that users are responsible for their digital assets. Therefore, it is essential for users to back up their mnemonics carefully. Incomplete backups are the most common cause of losing digital assets. In addition, users should cross-check their mnemonics to ensure that they are correct.

Currently, the imToken platform supports 12 leading public blockchains and has a rich ecosystem of DApps. The Wallet page of the platform allows you to switch between different public blockchains and import wallets from other blockchains. You can also manage up to three wallets per identity in imToken.