Bitpie Wallet enables coin-to-coin exchange.

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Bitpie Wallet enables cointocoin exchange

Bitpie Wallet Review

Bitpie is a multi-currency crypto wallet that prioritizes user privacy. It supports Bitcoin and its folk currencies, Ethereum and its forks, and a variety of ERC-20 tokens.

It uses a hierarchical deterministic wallet and multi-signature technology to ensure users’ assets are under their control. It also offers simple and legible operation design for a friendly user experience.

1. Multi-currency support

Bitpie is a mobile wallet app that offers multi-chain support. This allows users to use dApps on different blockchain networks without having to download and install each one individually. It also lets them manage their cryptocurrencies and dApps all in one place. This makes it easier to keep track of their assets and can help them avoid the high gas fees charged by Ethereum.

Another feature of Bitpie is its compatibility with hardware wallets. It works with the BitHD razor, BitHD watch 1, and BitHD wallet 2. This can make it even safer to store large amounts of cryptocurrency.

It also supports a wide range of cryptos and tokens, including ERC20. This means that it can be used to exchange them for other coins. It is a non-custodial wallet and does not hold private keys on its servers. It does, however, offer some effective security measures to protect user data.

The Bitpie wallet also has an in-built exchange that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies and tokens. This means that you can trade your tokens at a competitive price without leaving the crypto wallet app.

2. Multi-destination to send Bitcoin

Bitpie Wallet is a mobile wallet that supports a good number of digital currencies. It calls itself the most inclusive crypto wallet. It is designed to bring global users with safe asset management and broad blockchain application access. The platform is based on Bither technology and has multi-layer protection with more than 10 billion dollars worth of assets stored securely.

It is a non-custodial wallet which means it doesn’t store your crypto coins on its servers, and the keys are only saved on your mobile device. This gives you absolute control over your coins. You can even link it to your hardware wallet to enhance your security. Additionally, the platform subjects all users to KYC and AML verification procedures.

The app has a great UI with a simple onboarding process. It also offers a range of useful features, including the ability to send your cryptos to multiple destinations. In addition, the app supports the Bitcoin Lightning Network, which is a feature that not many other wallets offer at this time. This can make transactions much faster and cheaper.

3. Multi-signatures

Bitpie is a one-of-a-kind mobile crypto wallet that has an integrated dApp platform and supports a wide variety of blockchains & sidechains. It also offers users a wide range of security measures that ensure their assets are safe from any threats.

The multi-signatures offered by Bitpie can help secure your crypto funds even more. These are a great way to ensure that no one can access your funds even if they manage to steal your private keys. For example,How to use TRON on Imtoken , a couple could create a multisig wallet and split their money into two keys. This would mean that neither of them can spend their money alone.

Another advantage of the multi-signature feature is that it can be used for escrow transactions. This is an excellent option for businesses as it can provide extra layers of security. It is also possible to set up bigger multisig wallets such as 3-of-5 signatures, which are ideal for larger organizations.

Finally, the multi-signature feature offered by Bitpie is non-custodial, which means that it does not hold your private keys. This makes it much harder for hackers to steal your coins. This is a very important feature and it should not be overlooked.

4. Multi-chain support

Bitpie Wallet has built-in support for many different blockchains and sidechains including the Bitcoin Lightning network. This makes it the perfect wallet for users of Dapps and those that use the Lightning network on a regular basis.

The wallet is designed to be secure and non-custodial meaning that you own your private keys and can access them at any time. This is made possible through the fact that the wallet uses Bither’s multi-layer security that has managed to securely store over $10 billion worth of assets without a single hack or theft.

In addition, the wallet also has a range of hardware wallets that are compatible with it including the BitHD razor and watch 1 and 2. This means that you can keep your crypto even more safe by storing it on a separate piece of hardware that is offline and can only be accessed with the recovery seed that is generated.

The wallet also has a built-in decentralized exchange that lets you buy and sell cryptocurrencies and tokens without leaving the app. This helps to lower transaction fees and make the system more efficient.

5. Multi-signature

Bitpie Wallet is a mobile crypto wallet app that lets users store multiple blockchains and tokens. It offers a wide range of features and is highly secure. It is a non-custodial wallet and does not store user data on its servers. Instead, it stores the private keys on the users’ smartphones. This way, the assets are totally under their control.

It also supports multiple cryptocurrencies and sidechains, including the Bitcoin Lightning network. This is a huge advantage over other wallets. Using the Bitcoin Lightning network can make transactions much cheaper and faster.

Another great feature is the multi-signature support. This means that the wallet requires a certain number of co-signers to approve any outgoing transactions. This is a good security measure that helps protect against theft.

Bitpie Wallet also supports hardware wallets like the BitHD razor, BitHD watch 1, and BitHD watch 2. This is an important feature for keeping your cryptocurrency safe. It is recommended to create a backup code for your Bitpie wallet when you first open it. This backup code is a 12-word phrase that you should write down and keep safely somewhere safe.