The release date for Imtoken International Edition is confirmed!

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The release date for Imtoken International Edition is confirmed

ImToken International Edition Launches DApp Browser and Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Ecosystem

SINGAPORE, Aug 1 -- Hangzhou-based imToken, the world’s largest Ethereum digital asset wallet widely supporting 30,000 tokens, launched a new DApp browser and decentralized exchange (DEX) ecosystem in Singapore today. This follows its $10 million Series A investment from IDG Capital last month.

Semantic Transaction Information: imToken V2.1.0 displays all token transaction records in a more meaningful way, including time, status and type.

1. WalletConnect v2.0

WalletConnect is an open source protocol that connects mobile wallets to blockchain dApps (decentralized applications). With WalletConnect, users can interact with dApps without the risk of leaking personal keys. Previously, the WEMIX services have relied on WalletConnect v1.0, but from June 28th onwards, we will use WalletConnect v2.0 to guarantee stable interconnection between wallets and dApps.

Compared to v1.0, v2.0 adds multiple valuable features and functionality, including a smarter caching mechanism, which can deliver messages in more conditions. Moreover, the new version supports multichain compatibility, allowing DApps to request a set of chains they want to support, and then WalletConnect v2.0 will manage them in a single session.

In addition to multichain compatibility, v2.0 also has many other improvements, such as a new signing experience that is more intuitive and secure, and the ability to get tokens from common deposit methods on the Wallet page. Besides, v2.0 also includes a redesigned staking page and added support for Base, Linea, and PlatON networks, making it easier for users to explore Web3 ecosystems.

Lastly, we have improved the risk control system. It now labels risky tokens, bans risky addresses and DApps, and sends alerts to users who show abnormal behavior. This ensures that users can safely use the service, and avoid being scammed by malicious entities. As always, we are committed to quickly detecting issues and providing timely messages to users to protect them from losing their assets.

2. Tokenlon

A decentralized exchange (DEX) is an online platform that allows users to buy, sell, trade and swap cryptocurrencies. These platforms act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers, matching buy and sell orders and executing transactions securely.

Tokenlon is a decentralized exchange that utilizes the 0x protocol to provide fast and stable trading services. Its features include a WYSIWYG trading model, low transaction fees and an off-chain market maker matching system. The platform also offers an aggregator and liquidity providers to ensure users receive the best prices for their orders.

Unlike traditional digital wallets, Tokenlon allows you to store a wide variety of cryptocurrencies and can even be used for staking in games or betting. Its large capacity can hold more than 200,000 tokens and coins from 8 blockchain companies and provides transfer services, news display and stakeout functionality.

Tokenlon also offers a number of useful APIs that can be used by developers to build and integrate their own apps. These include getMarket, getTokens, getPairs, getTicker, getTickerHistory and getTradeCapHistory. Users can also choose to use the Tokenlon network token, LON, as collateral when trading and convert any profits into the currency of their choice. This helps them to maintain their positions without needing to withdraw or deposit funds from the platform. This feature is especially useful when dealing with volatile assets such as ICOs.

3. DApp Browser

If you are looking for a user-friendly way to find and interact with decentralized applications (dApps) or Web3 platforms,The latest version of the Imtoken wallet for desktop. , a DApp browser is the answer. These tools, which combine messaging and UX interfaces with blockchain technology, help consumers connect to and engage with DApps more easily.

Unlike standard web browsers that only connect users to centralized websites, a DApp browser is designed to support decentralized protocols like the Ethereum network. As such, it provides a more seamless user experience with DApps than standard web browsers and can also enable users to manage cryptocurrency wallets.

Top DApp browsers like MetaMask, Mist, Nifty Wallet, and Trust Wallet offer built-in wallets and other functionality to make it easier for users to find DApps and manage their digital assets. Some of these browsers can be added to existing web browsers via browser extensions while others, such as Trust Wallet and Cipher Browser, are standalone mobile applications that allow for the interaction with DApps on a mobile device.

For example, Trust Wallet has recently updated its DApp browser with a brand new signing experience and increased security features to help users make the most of their Web3 experiences. The platform has also added support for three popular networks, Base, Linea, and PlatON, to provide an easy entry point into the world of Web3. These updates are just the latest in a long list of improvements that Trust Wallet has made in order to deliver a safer, more seamless, and user-friendly wallet experience.

4. Eth2 Tester

The wallet allows users to manage multiple cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH and TRX. The wallet also supports a number of ERC20 compatible tokens. Users can also import and export their crypto assets within the wallet with a single 12-word mnemonic passphrase. The wallet has a variety of features that help to ensure user security including private key local secure storage, asset visibility and support for multiple wallet types.

The latest version of imToken has enhanced its risk control system to offer stronger protection for users. The wallet now labels risky tokens and addresses; bans risksy DApps; alerts users when the risk level is high and clears traces to ensure that users’ digital assets are safe.

In addition to these new measures, the company has made some changes to improve the overall wallet experience. A new signing experience has been introduced for a more intuitive and secure transaction process. The wallet has also integrated popular deposit methods for a one-stop experience. Moreover, the wallet has added support for Base, Linea and PlatON to allow users to explore these popular Web3 ecosystems.

Users can easily deposit and withdraw USDT from the wallet by selecting a network they want to withdraw to or receive from. They can then select their withdrawal address and transfer service. They can also view the status of their transactions.