Download Imtoken, one-stop digital asset management, easily start your blockchain journey!

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Download Imtoken Onestop Digital Asset Management Easily Start Your Blockchain Journey

Download Imtoken onestop digital asset management easily start your blockchain journey

Securely manage thousands of tokens, watch DeFi balances grow, transfer ERC721 & ERC1155 NFTs and experience Layer 2s and ETH staking. All in a mobile multi-chain wallet that safeguards your private keys with a hardware signature.

Founded in 2016, imToken has helped millions of people enter the crypto world. With the aim of letting value circulate freely, data sovereignty return and decentralize finance, imToken has always put users first.

1. Import your wallets

The app offers users a full crypto wallet experience with features including private key local secure storage, asset visibility, easy import and export, support for multiple types of wallets, security features like mnemonic phrases and two-factor authentication (2FA), plus more. The app can also link to hardware wallets like Ledger for cold storage and provides a built-in DApp browser to easily access dApps.

After launching the app, the user will be prompted to create an identity and import their existing wallets. Once the process is complete,Imtoken Wallet for Android Download , users will be provided with a new seed phrase consisting of 12 pseudo-random words that they should write down on a piece of paper. The wallet will be backed up to the cloud automatically, and the user will have a full recovery option.

Afterwards, the user can begin using their new wallet. The app will display all of their token balances and transactions in one place, along with a dashboard that will show them the progress they’re making in their goals. The user can also set and change their password, as well as view their blockchain stats, history, and transaction details.

The UI is clean and intuitive, and the app will be familiar to anyone who’s used a wallet like MetaMask before. The app is also very lightweight, meaning that it won’t eat up your device’s memory or slow down your smartphone.

2. Manage your tokens

Easily manage your tokens in a single non-custodial mobile wallet. You can easily track the value of your portfolio in fiat currencies, swap thousands of tokens and earn rewards from staking. We also provide you with a variety of promotions and features that will help you get the most out of your crypto assets.

Moreover, imToken allows you to easily import and export your wallets. You can also access your staking rewards, account balance and transaction history directly in the app. Besides, you can easily share the address of your ATOM wallet through blueethoo or a QR code scanner with friends.

The latest version of imToken optimizes the home screen display, adding displays for token unit prices, appreciation & depreciation rates and more. This will enable users to better grasp the information they need at a glance and enhance their user experience.

Founded in 2016, imToken is a one-stop digital wallet that provides security, transparency and easy management of blockchain assets. imToken’s multi-chain wallet enables users to securely store and exchange their bitcoin, ether and other tokens across more than 20 mainstream blockchains. Its decentralized storage solution is even more secure with the integration of the hardware wallet imKey, featuring a CC EAL 6+ security chip. The company’s platform helps millions of people worldwide achieve self-sovereign control of their assets and data sovereignty.

3. Access to DApps

Easily manage your ETH, BTC, EOS and other erc-20 compatible tokens in the secure mobile wallet. With multichain DeFi-wallet and DApp browser, you can access DApps instantly with low to no gas fees and in-app curated insights.

WalletConnect is an open protocol that connects DApps to your imToken wallet so you can sign in instantly and seamlessly. It enables you to easily participate in borderless DApps such as HydraDX and KSM, and experience cross-chain trading with ZERO fees.

Scammers pose as cryptocurrency experts in private and group chats, luring users into investment scams with promises of high-return investments. They then guide users to third-party scam websites via the DApp browser and ask them to deposit assets. Once the victims deposit their assets, the scammers change their address permissions and steal their wallet balances, causing financial losses.

iToken provides security for your digital assets by using a strong encryption algorithm, a secure database and cold storage support. The app also supports hardware wallets such as the BlueEthoo, allowing you to keep your private keys offline, protecting your digital assets from cyber attacks. Besides the basic functions such as crypto asset management and exchange, the app is packed with more advanced features such as a customizable dashboard, news display and staking for games or betting. The latest update optimizes the home screen display, adding displays for token unit prices and appreciation & depreciation rates, making it easier for users to grasp essential information about their wallet holdings.

4. Track your tokens

Easily track all your tokens in one place without having to access multiple wallets or platforms. You can even import your wallets from other platforms if you want to transfer between them. You can also access news updates about your assets and view the transaction history of each of them. You can even stake your tokens for rewards in games or betting with a feature called stakeout.

This wallet is very easy to use and offers a lot of features that are useful to anyone looking for a good cryptocurrency wallet. It allows you to store a large number of different tokens, including Ethereum. It also has a good amount of security features and is very fast.

The wallet is designed to be safe and secure, with features like an anti-phishing layer and a password generator. The app also supports hardware wallets and cold wallets, which help keep your private key offline, reducing the risk of cyber attacks. The wallet also has a built-in DApp browser, which makes it easier to connect with decentralized applications.

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