How to add USDT in Imtoken wallet?

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How to add USDT in Imtoken wallet

How to Add USDT in Imtoken Wallet

Imtoken wallet is one of the most attractive digital wallets on the market. This wallet supports multiple cryptocurrencies and stable coins and features an inbuilt exchange. It also includes a privacy-oriented DApp browser.

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Types of USDT

One of the most popular stablecoins is Tether (USDT). USDT is pegged to the value of the US dollar, so each token is supposed to have a value of $1. This makes it an attractive option for traders and investors looking to avoid the volatility of other cryptocurrencies. However, Tether has been a subject of controversy over its financial stability and transparency.

As a result, investors should exercise caution when buying USDT and take steps to protect their investments. They should also consider tax implications when trading USDT, as they may be required to pay capital gains tax in some jurisdictions.

Fortunately, there are several different USDT wallets available. These include the Ledger Nano X, which is a hardware wallet that can store multiple cryptocurrencies. The Nano X is Bluetooth enables and works on both desktop and mobile devices. It also supports most Omni layer exchanges. There are also a number of online USDT wallets, including those on the ERC20 network, the Tron network, and the Solana network. These wallets are a great choice for anyone who wants to avoid the high fees associated with sending and receiving USDT on an exchange.


The Omni USDT is a stablecoin that is anchored to US Dollars. It has been used to perform fairly gray operations in crypto markets,How to download Imtoken , including price manipulation and even criminal acts. Despite this, it is still one of the most popular stablecoins in the world.

It is also very easy to integrate into exchanges. Moreover, it is very useful for traders who want to hedge against volatility in the market.

This type of USDT uses the Bitcoin network’s Omni protocol to transfer assets. The receiving address for this type of USDT is the same as the Bitcoin main address. However, this type of USDT requires the use of a Bitcoin child address for transfers to be added to the blockchain.

To deposit or withdraw Omni USDT, you need a wallet that supports it. If you want to receive the coin, you should open the ETH wallet in imToken and choose the option “Wrap”-“Wrap BTC”. Then, enter the amount of BTC to be received or sent and click “Mint”. The wallet will automatically get the real-time optimal miner fee for this transaction and add it to the blockchain.


Traders can deposit USDT to their accounts by selecting the payment method in the Deposit section of their Personal Area. USDT is a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar, backed by assets on the Ethereum network. It is based on the Ethereum ERC-20 token standard and uses the Ethereum Virtual Machine to assign functions to tokens. Several other popular stablecoins are based on the Ethereum network, including USDC (US dollars), MATIC (Math Algorithmic Cryptography), SHIB (Stable Insurance Budget), and UNI (governance token for Uniswap).

The difference between TRC20 and ERC20 USDT is that TRC20 USDT is issued on the Tron blockchain, while the ERC20 version is issued on the Ethereum blockchain. You can identify which type of USDT you have by checking the contract address. If the address starts with '0x,' it is an ERC20 USDT. If the address starts with 'T,' it is a TRC20 USDT.

Ensure you only deposit USDT to an ERC20 or TRC20 generated address, as deposits made to Bitcoin, BCH, Ethereum or TRX addresses will not be credited and cannot be recovered. You should always keep your private keys safe and secure.


The TRC20 USDT token was issued by Tether on the Tron network. It enables interoperability with TRON-based protocols and DApps and allows users to transact and exchange fiat-pegged currencies on the TRON platform. The TRC20 USDT token also has a zero transfer fee and is transparent.

You can store TRC20 USDT on a storage wallet such as Guarda. It has mobile apps for iOS and Android, a desktop wallet, and web and browser extensions. Its backup feature allows you to create a mnemonic phrase that you can use to regain access to your wallet in the event of a loss. It is recommended that you save this secret recovery phrase in several places so you can quickly reclaim your assets if necessary.

To deposit your TRC20 USDT, select 'USDT' under 'Currency' and 'Tron' under 'Network'. You will be asked to enter your USDT TRC20 wallet address. Once this information is verified, you can proceed with the deposit. The transaction typically takes one to two minutes. The Tron network has lower fees than the Ethereum network, so it may be worth considering depositing your USDT on this platform.

Omni EVM

You can receive CKB on your imToken wallet by showing the QR code to the sender. You can also transfer it to another imToken user by entering the recipient’s wallet address in the Receive page. However, be aware that CKB transfers require a minimum transfer amount of 61 CKBs. Each transaction also carries a miner fee, so you’ll need to deposit about 0.0001 BTC into your BTC wallet main address before you can start the transfer.

If your ETH, EOS, or Layer 2 network wallets aren’t showing up on your wallet page, check the connection status of your phone. You can also try restarting your phone and/or using a VPN service. If your problem persists, you can contact the imToken support team.

When you create an Identity, you’ll get a 12-word mnemonic phrase that you should write down somewhere safe. It’s important to back up this phrase, as it’s the only way to recover your coins in case you lose or damage your smartphone. You can also backup your wallet through the Manage Identity menu.