I'mtoken wallet has multiple official websites, come and experience it now!

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Imtoken wallet has multiple official websites come and experience it now

ImToken - The World's Most Feature-Packed Wallet

With imToken, you can manage multiple wallets on different blockchains with a single digital identity that is backed up by a mnemonic passphrase. The transaction fees are under your control with a slider and transactions added to the blockchain are quickly verified.

Make sure to back up your mnemonic and note down the wallet address carefully when you create an Identity. You can also cross-check your mnemonic in the My Profile tab.


Securely manage your crypto assets with the world’s most feature-packed wallet. With a multi-character password, offline transaction signing and third-party security audits, imToken is one of the most secure wallets on the market. It also features a built-in exchange, a DeFi platform, staking for ATOM and LOOM and a DApp browser.

The most common way to lose your digital assets is by granting someone else the ability to access your mnemonic or private key. This is because blockchain allows for self-custodial ownership, meaning that users have full control of their assets. However, since the mnemonic is what gives someone the ability to access your assets, it’s important that you back it up correctly. This can be done through a physical medium such as writing down your mnemonic or using the imKey hardware wallet.

Scammers are frequently targeting users on Telegram, posing as imToken officials and luring them to scam websites using imToken’s built-in DApp browser. They will then ask users to deposit their USDT for so-called liquidity mining or staking and promise high investment returns. This is a scam, as the USDT will be transferred to the scammer’s account and they will disappear with the user’s assets, causing financial loss. To protect users from these scams, imToken will automatically detect and flag any fake tokens on-chain and warn users when transferring to those.


Imtoken is a non-custodial wallet, meaning your private keys are stored on your device. This gives you absolute control over your assets.

The wallet’s security features include a multi-character password, offline transaction signing, open source code and third-party security audits. It also supports biometrics. The app lets you replace your wallet password with a fingerprint or face ID, as well as support a bluetooth hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano X.

However, the wallet does not protect against malicious third parties who may access your mnemonic or private key, as these are only stored on the blockchain. It is therefore important to always backup your mnemonic, private key and/or keystore before using it on a different device.

Moreover, users must pass an asset security self-assessment in order to use the wallet. This process is intended to ensure that the app can only manage wallets under a specific identity, rather than across multiple identities. Additionally, mnemonics generated by the wallet cannot be used to recover wallets imported into another identity.

As an added layer of security, the latest version of imToken has optimized transfer risk warnings. It also identifies tokens with phishing links in their names, as well as labeling ETH-based tokens that have been identified as spam. This is to prevent scammers from tricking users into transferring their digital assets.


Scammers are luring imToken users to download a fake App by buying search terms and Ad spaces on a search engine. They are also luring users to visit their scam websites by sending them a QR code or link. These scams trick users to share their transfer authorization with the scammers. This can lead to their assets being stolen.

One of the advantages of a decentralized wallet is that users are the sole holders of their private key and mnemonic, so they have full control over their assets. They should therefore keep their wallets safe by backing them up. It is also important to cross-check the backed-up mnemonic before transferring them to a new wallet.

Another advantage of a decentralized wallet is that it has rigorous security audits and sophisticated risk control systems to safeguard your assets. In addition, it supports cold wallets and hardware wallets so that you can keep your private key offline, preventing cyber attacks.

imToken is a series-B blockchain technology company that is inspired to make digital life equally accessible for everyone. It complies with the regulatory requirements of different jurisdictions to provide non-custodial wallet services. Its team of security experts is dedicated to protecting your assets from theft and other threats. Its wallet is designed to prevent phishing and malware attacks, while its built-in Web3 browser allows you to access dApps on multiple chains.

My Profile

Wallet, Market, Browser and My Profile are the four main functions offered by imToken. Using these features, users can enjoy a more efficient digital asset management experience. The main benefits of imToken wallet include private key local secure storage, asset visibility, support for multiple wallet types and easy import/export. In addition, it can protect users from the risk of losing their assets and provide security with an enhanced multi-signature theft prevention system.

Ensure the safety of your assets by backing up your mnemonic phrase. It is recommended to save the mnemonic in a safe place, such as WeChat Memo, computer folder, notepad or USB stick. If your device is lost or stolen, you can recover your assets by importing the mnemonic into another imToken mobile phone.

Avoid scams by remaining vigilant against possible risks. Scammers impersonating imToken officials often post messages in Telegram groups or on YouTube to lure users into downloading fake imToken Apps and requesting their mnemonic phrases and private keys to steal their assets.

You can add a third-party wallet to your identity through the "Add Wallet" page in imToken. Currently,How to withdraw Ethereum from TP Wallet? , imToken supports wallets of 12 leading public blockchains, including ETH, EOS, BSC and TRX. It also supports wallets on Layer 2 networks and wallets of popular EVM-compatible chains. You can use the menu button at the top left corner of the wallet page to switch between different blockchains and their associated wallets.