Imtoken official website 2.0 upgrade, new experience incoming!

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Imtoken official website 2 upgrade new experience incoming

ImToken Official Website 2 Upgrade New Experience Incoming

iToken wallet is a non-custodial digital cryptocurrency wallet app. It keeps your private keys local and secure, ensuring absolute control of your assets. It also offers a 12-word recovery phrase to reset your password and restore your wallet on a new device.

It is known for its multi-coin support, smooth performance and intuitive user experience. Its security measures include mnemonic passphrase backup, offline transaction signing and third-party security audits.

Signing Experience

The signing experience has been reinvented in imToken to make it more intuitive and secure for beginners. Moreover, it has added support for the popular networks Base, Linea, and PlatON, allowing users to explore their vibrant ecosystems with ease. Furthermore, a new “Get tokens” feature is integrated into the Wallet page, allowing you to exchange your cryptocurrencies for other cryptocurrencies in a single transaction.

In terms of security, the app provides a number of effective measures to keep your private keys safe, including multi-character password and offline transaction signing. Additionally, it is non-custodial, meaning your assets are stored on your device and not the company’s servers. You can also back up your wallet with a 12-word recovery seed.

As the cryptocurrency landscape continues to grow, imToken is stepping up its efforts to provide users with the most up-to-date features. This includes adding support for Heco, a decentralized network that is energy-efficient, high-performance, and scalable. In addition to offering asset management and transfer services, Heco will also allow users to participate in staking via games or betting, earning prizes and rewards.

To enable Heco staking, simply select your ETH wallet and click “Network switch”. Then choose Heco to begin the process. Once completed, you can then start using Heco-based DApps instantly. You can even swap between different blockchains in the built-in exchange for free.

Address Book Management

The Address Book Management is a tool that helps users keep track of their contacts. It can help them find contacts quickly and easily, as well as customize contact information. It can also be used to generate reports and analyze trends in contact information.

It also includes a search box that makes it easy to locate a specific entry. The address book can be organized into groups to manage contacts in a more structured manner. Users can also move names between groups to make managing them even easier.

In addition to storing the addresses of contacts, the address book can also store phone numbers and other contact information. It can also transfer entries between devices using a USB or Bluetooth connection. The address book can even be backed up to a computer or online service. It can also be imported into a different program.

The Address Book feature enables users to create customized databases for SMS and email campaigns. These databases can be based on first and last name, date of purchase, last item purchased, birthday, and more. This allows merchants to send targeted messages to customers. It also allows them to remain compliant with regulations by allowing users to opt-out of promotional SMS and email messages. This is accomplished by providing them with a simple and intuitive opt-out mechanism.

Revoke Authorization Management

In addition to the newly-designed signature experience, imToken has also optimized its risk control system. When users transfer assets to another address for the first time, a risk warning will pop up to remind them of this possibility, which is especially important considering that attackers may try to gain access to a user’s mnemonic to steal their digital assets.

To protect against such scams, imToken is constantly monitoring new attack methods and working hard to enhance its security systems. Moreover, if you’re going to deposit USDT in your wallet, be sure to check the website address, and do not click any links or attachments. It’s also a good idea to use a trusted network connection when making transactions (e.g., avoid public Wi-Fi), to prevent attackers from exploiting any vulnerabilities in your network.

To help make the most of the new imToken experience, you should update both the imToken mobile app and the desktop version to the latest versions by clicking the upgrade symbol. Please remember that the upgrading process will require you to move your wallet data and settings to a new identity. In order to ensure smooth migration, we recommend that you back up your old wallet first before proceeding. You can find the backup tool under the Settings page. Then, simply select the wallets you want to migrate and click “Begin Migration”. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us through our social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Token Accessibility

Easily manage your multi-chain cryptocurrency assets in a single mobile wallet, with the convenience of one-click network switching and simplified management. With the help of a powerful encoding technology, your funds will always be secure and easy to retrieve using your backup mnemonic phrase.

The wallet also offers an internal exchange that allows you to swap your digital currencies for others in the same wallet. This feature is currently available for a wide range of BTC, ETH, EOS, ATOM, KSH, CKB, DOT, XTZ, FIL, and SKY tokens. More coins will be added soon, so you can continue growing your crypto portfolio.

Recently, imToken has announced its strategic partnership with TTSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the ThunderCore blockchain. This will make it easier for users to use TT by making their cross-chain transactions more efficient. Both parties will continue to collaborate in areas such as token storage, DApps support, community cooperation, ecosystem expansion, and brand communication efforts.

If you are looking for a way to secure your crypto assets, look no further than the iToken multi-asset wallet. The slick interface and robust security measures set this wallet apart from the competition. Besides, a simple setup process makes it easy for anyone to get started. For more information,Can Imtoken transaction records be deleted? , visit the iToken website. You can also download the app from the Google Play Store.