Download the official link to Imtoken 2.0 for a comprehensive digital asset management experience.

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Download the official link to Imtoken 2 for a comprehensive digital asset management experience

ImToken 2 - A Comprehensive Digital Asset Management Experience

The scam involves collecting information and stealing the user’s digital assets. It also manipulates wallet permissions. Besides this, it also clears the traces left behind.

imToken is HashKey Exchange’s official non-custodial wallet partner, catering to users who seek self-managed digital assets. The partnership will empower customers with enhanced choice and elevate their experience to unprecedented levels of safety and convenience.

Multi-chain support

The multi-chain support offered by imToken 2 makes it a powerful digital asset management tool for users. It allows users to manage assets across 12 mainstream blockchains and seamlessly connect with DApps. It also supports hardware wallets and cold storage for additional security. Its latest version has introduced biometric verification for sending tokens using face ID and fingerprint. It has a full risk control system, which keeps private information offline and prevents cyber attacks.

The company has a diversified team with significant domain expertise in various areas, including blockchain infrastructure and development, crypto & DeFi, Web3, NFTs, supply chain, enterprise blockchain, and more. Its products are designed to help consumers and businesses pay, collect, automate, and settle transfers of currency online or at the point-of-sale. It is headquartered in Roadtown, Virgin Islands and is funded by IDG Capital, Qiming Venture Partners, Signum Capital, HashKey Capital, SNZ Holding, and others.

Founded in 2016, imToken is a non-custodial digital wallet that offers secure and comprehensive management of blockchain- and token-based assets and identities. The company’s mission is to bridge the gap between blockchain technology and the general masses by providing a simple, secure, and powerful digital asset management experience. Its platform includes a wallet, an exchange, and a DApp browser. In addition, it has incubated projects such as Tokenlon, a decentralized exchange that has facilitated over US$10 billion in transactions.

Smart contracts

Founded in 2016, imToken provides a comprehensive digital asset management experience with its non-custodial wallet that enables multi-chain asset management, DApp browsing and private exchange of value. It bridges blockchain technology with the general masses, making it simple and secure for users to manage their crypto assets, identities and data.

The new version of dYdX, a layer 2 protocol that offers cross-margined perpetuals, is now available on imToken. This allows for significantly lower gas costs, resulting in lower trading fees and minimum trade sizes.

The new version of imToken also supports hardware wallets and cold wallets, which keep your private keys offline and prevent cyber attacks. It also has a comprehensive risk control system that ensures the safety of your crypto assets. Additionally, it allows you to see all token transaction records and their timestamps. Moreover, it has a built-in DApp browser that lets you connect to the tokenized world.

Security measures

The latest version of imToken has improved signature security measures to protect users from unauthorized signature attacks. It offers a new signing experience that clearly displays all the information to ensure that what you sign is what you mean to sign. It also offers a new ENS security risk control system that helps to reduce signature theft by providing clear reminders for possible zero-width characters during the token exchange process.

In addition, imToken enables users to manage assets on 12 mainstream blockchains and connect with DApps seamlessly via its decentralized application browser. Moreover, users can store various tokens and coins in the wallet and directly transfer them to other wallets or exchanges. Additionally, it offers staking services wherein users can earn prizes or rewards for holding certain amounts of crypto assets for a given time.

Like most wallet apps, imToken is secured with a password set by the user during installation. The app also provides a 12-word recovery phrase to back up the wallet in case of loss or theft. The recovery phrase is crucial as it will help you reset the password, recover lost private keys, or restore the wallet on a different device. It is also non-custodial, meaning that it stores your keys within the wallet app rather than on a remote server. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you always keep a backup of your password and the 12-word passphrase.

Wallet design

Known for its multi-coin support and user-friendly design, Imtoken 2 is a popular mobile wallet that offers a secure way to store your crypto assets. It also supports hardware wallets and cold wallets that keep private keys offline, preventing cyber attacks. It also offers built-in exchange functionality to simplify trading and is easy to use.

In the case of the tested scope, the public functions of the LocalFileStorage class expose a path traversal vulnerability. This weakness allows attackers to break out of the default /Users/username>/Documents/wallet/ directory and write, read or delete arbitrary files. This issue can be triggered using the walletID as an argument, which does not get properly sanitized or scanned for path traversals. This finding is especially relevant for iOS,Imtoken or TP Wallet , where sandboxing does not provide protection against this attack.

The results of the security assessment were live-reported to the maintainers of the product, allowing them to start the process of crafting and deploying fixes. The report also outlines a number of mitigation suggestions when applicable. While the findings do not reveal any major issues that would threaten the integrity or usability of the wallet, they do highlight a number of important vulnerabilities that should be addressed.