What should I do if I lost my Imtoken wallet transaction password?

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What Should I Do If I Lost My Imtoken Wallet Transaction Password?

The imToken wallet is known for its multi-coin support and easy to use interface. The wallet also has some security enhancements and a built-in exchange. The company has offices in mainland China, Singapore and the United States.

Currently, the wallet supports BTC, ETH, EOS, ATOM, TRX, LTC, CKB, DOT, KSM, FIL and XTZ tokens. The wallet is self-custodial,Free Earning Blockchain Games , meaning that it does not store users’ private information.

How do I recover my transaction password?

imToken provides a mobile wallet that supports multi-chain asset management. The company offers a non-custodial wallet which protects customers' private keys with encryption on the device. It also enables users to securely manage their wallets with face ID and fingerprint verification. The wallet allows users to connect to the tokenized world with Web3 applications and dApps on multiple chains. imToken was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Roadtown, Virgin Islands. imToken is included in 3 Expert Collections.

What if I forget my mnemonic phrase?

A mnemonic phrase or recovery seed is the backup that will allow you to access your wallet if you forget or lose your private key. It is typically a string of 12-24 words and should be saved somewhere safe and easy to find. The good news is that it is not lost as long as you have backed up your password, however if you do not have a mnemonic phrase or the order is wrong then your wallet will be permanently locked.

You should always check the spelling of each word in your mnemonic phrase and try to remember if you wrote it down the right way. It is also a good idea to look in any secret hiding places you might have and even play word games to try to jog your memory.

If you are certain you have all the words from your mnemonic seed except for one and know the position of it then there are tools that can help you brute force guess the missing word (there is a limit to how many combinations can be made but this tool can usually do up to 2048). However if any of the words are wrong or more than 1 then trying to guess the correct words using today’s computing power would take more than a million CPU years and is not feasible.

What if I forget my private key?

Private keys are a proof of ownership for a wallet address and are a crucial piece of information that should never be exposed or shared online, especially as it would mean losing access to the tokens inside the wallet. We highly recommend keeping a backup of your mnemonic phrase or private key somewhere personal and safe, preferably offline on a physical piece of paper. This allows you to recover your Imtoken wallet transaction password if lost and also import the wallet addresses into another device to retrieve the tokens from them. Read more about how to back up your wallet here.