Download Imtoken Hong Kong version now, carry a global multi-chain digital wallet on the go.

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HashKey Exchange and ImToken - Now Carry a Global Multichain Digital Wallet on the Go

1. Imtoken’s Hong Kong version is now a global multichain digital wallet

HashKey Exchange, a leading retail virtual asset trading platform in Hong Kong, has recently secured SFC authorizations to operate a Virtual Asset Trading Platform under both Type 1 (Dealing in Securities) and Type 7 (Providing automated trading services). In this strategic collaboration with imToken, the two platforms intend to bridge the gap between "trusted" and "trustless" paradigms within the dynamic crypto domain by delivering a more complete wallet solution that empowers users with enhanced choices.

The integration of imToken will help users manage their crypto assets across multiple blockchains and exchanges in a seamless way. The wallet will also allow users to observe the quotation of their Tokens on the decentralized exchange (DEX) function and provide a search box for DApps already displayed on imToken. Additionally, the wallet will allow users to match their imToken with certain crypto currency hardware wallets, and the transaction records on their corresponding wallets can be viewed and verified via imToken.

The wallet will be available for download on both iOS and Android platforms. To ensure the security of the user’s assets, imToken’s mobile app will store the private keys on the mobile device in a non-custodial fashion. The app will also support a wide range of biometric identification methods, such as Touch ID and Face ID, to verify user identity. Besides, the app will be integrated with popular exchanges to provide seamless transfer between the wallet and exchanges.

2. Imtoken’s Hong Kong version is now a global multichain digital wallet

Cryptocurrency mobile wallets have been one of the most attractive categories in the crypto market. They’re often preferred for their multi-coin support, user-friendly interface, and security enhancements like multiple layers of encryption and built-in exchange.

One of the top mobile wallets in this space is iToken. Known for its multi-chain asset management, iToken allows users to hold and trade a wide variety of cryptos and even supports collectible tokens like the popular ERC-721. In addition, the wallet offers a Token Swap option and built-in exchange, making it a complete solution for mobile crypto trading.

The iToken app also supports the integration of hardware wallets. However, since the hardware wallets are developed by third parties,How to download Imtoken , imToken cannot guarantee their functions and service qualities (please refer to the relevant notifications made from time to time). Users should make their own decision and decide on the risks involved before using any hardware wallet integrated with imToken.

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3. Imtoken’s Hong Kong version is now a global multichain digital wallet

Imtoken’s Hong Kong version is built on a multi-chain digital wallet that supports the top currencies in the crypto market. It features multi-coin support, secure storage and exchange functionalities. Besides, it offers user-friendly interfaces that are perfect for mobile devices. Moreover, it is highly compatible with other blockchain platforms. This makes it easier for users to manage their crypto assets.

The company’s CEO, Ben He, stated that the collaboration between HashKey Exchange and Imtoken will enable the two companies to provide users with a seamless crypto experience, merging traditional and decentralized financial experiences. He added that the partnership will allow HashKey to expand its reach in Asia, while enabling imToken to provide a non-custodial digital wallet solution for users.

Using the app, users can import existing wallets or create new ones. Once the wallet is set up, users can transfer and receive Tokens on the blockchain. They can also manage their digital Tokens and ENS domains on the platform. The app has a variety of security features, including a built-in exchange and a privacy extra for public keys.

The app also has a developer mode, allowing developers to test their applications on the platform. This feature is available on both Android and iOS. However, users should note that they should only use this mode for testing purposes. If they choose to access websites and third-party-developed DApps not integrated on imToken via this mode, they should assess their security risks and assume all risks independently.

4. Imtoken’s Hong Kong version is now a global multichain digital wallet

The company provides a mobile wallet application that supports multi-chain asset management. It also enables online payment, exchange, and money transfer services using virtual currencies. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in Singapore. It is a featured provider in 3 of the 4 Expert Collections: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and Enterprise Software.

Hong Kong's Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) recently announced a framework to facilitate the trading of digital assets in the city. The new regulations will require digital asset companies to secure a virtual asset trading license and meet various compliance requirements. The move is expected to drive greater market liquidity and improve investor confidence in the industry.

As one of the first recipients of the SFC's virtual asset trading licence, HashKey Exchange is well-positioned to become a trusted digital asset exchange in Hong Kong. In addition to offering a comprehensive suite of professional trading capabilities, the exchange will serve as imToken's official non-custodial wallet partner, providing users with a seamless flow of value between the exchange and the trustless wallet environment.

In order to protect your assets, you are advised to back up your Private Key with a secure storage device. Please refer to our FAQs for details.