How to withdraw assets from Imtoken to Huobi?

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How to Withdraw Assets From ImToken to Huobi

You can transfer your tokens from your imToken wallet to any Wallet that supports the same withdrawal network as the token you want to withdraw. Check which chains and tokens are supported by imToken here.

When transferring assets, make sure you have enough gas fee tokens in your wallet to pay for follow-up transactions. Otherwise, your transferred assets may not be deposited into the target Wallet.


Huobi Global offers a comprehensive crypto trading ecosystem. The platform supports over 400 digital currencies and tokens, including popular ones like BTC and USDT. It also allows users to trade cryptocurrencies against fiat currency. It is important to note, however, that derivatives trading is prohibited for users from Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan, North Korea, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Singapore and Crimea.

To transfer your ETH from Huobi to Metamask, you will need to select the network to send over the funds (ERC20 or HECO). The time it takes for your ETH to reach the recipient’s wallet will depend on the selected network and congestion levels.

The HT token is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that powers the Huobi exchange. It rewards users with special discounts and VIP access to events. The token is also used for independent promotions on the platform. Its withdrawal process is fast and fees are low.


TRX is a cryptographic digital asset that can be stored and transferred in many ways. The imToken wallet is one of the most secure ways to store your TRX assets. It provides a variety of features that allow you to manage your wallet, including balance inquiry, transfer, and more. It also offers a hardware wallet that is safe and easy to use.

To withdraw assets from HTX to Huobi, you must first open the Huobi Global app and select "Assets" - "Withdraw". Choose the token you wish to withdraw and check whether it is supported by imToken according to its withdrawal network (for example, USDT is only supported on the ERC20, TRC20, HECO, BEP20, OMNI, and AVAXCCHAIN networks). Once confirmed, a deposit address will be generated that you can copy or scan to deposit your assets.

Remember to keep your mnemonic phrase private so that no one else can access your wallet. Also, make sure that you have enough gas fee tokens in your wallet for follow-up transactions.


Transferring assets between exchanges is not a complex process, but it requires a little care and precision. Make sure that your accounts are secure and verified, and that you’re using the correct deposit address. Also, be careful that you’re not transferring to chains that are not supported by imToken (see this blog for details). If you do, your funds may be lost.

First, open your Huobi Global App and select “Assets” – “Withdraw”. Select the token that you want to withdraw and click “Withdraw”. Next, tap the target deposit network to get a unique deposit address. Copy this address and note the network of the token. Make sure that the deposit network matches the withdrawal network or you won’t receive your assets. Also, remember to pay the gas fee if necessary. (You can check the gas fees in the blockchain wallet of your choice.)


The exchange provides spot trading, futures trading (settled in USDT & crypto),TP wallet cash out , margin trading and a range of trading bots. Additionally, it offers staking services for multiple blockchains and its own web 3 wallet.

Withdrawing assets from Huobi is a simple process, but it does require carefulness to avoid losing funds. Always check that the deposit address you're using is correct and choose the correct chain. Otherwise, your assets may be lost forever.

The first step is to open the Huobi Global App and select "Assets" "Withdraw". From here, select the token you wish to withdraw and select the deposit network. Note that not all networks are supported by imToken, so it's important to check before submitting a withdrawal request. Currently, the exchange supports the following networks: ETH, BSC, AVAXCCHAIN, OMNI, BEP20 and HT. To avoid errors, use a non-custodial wallet such as iToken.


The huobi exchange is one of the earliest and largest crypto platforms. It offers a wide variety of trading pairs and has several user-centric features. It also has a secure security measure to protect users. In addition, it provides a wide range of other services including margin trading, staking, and airdrops.

The account tab enables you to view your holding in the various accounts on the exchange. The top section shows your fiat currency holding, while the bottom one displays your crypto holding. Users can also use this tab to check their deposit and withdrawal fees.

The staking tab allows you to stake certain tokens and earn rewards. At present, staking is available for NEAR, AVAXCCHAIN, and OMNI. Please note that not all tokens are supported by imToken. Make sure to check which networks and chains are supported by the exchange before transferring any tokens.


Heco will launch a variety of developer activities and competitions to discover and fund potential developers. In addition, it will provide developers with various ecological resources to reduce their operating costs. These include development kits, marketing service packages and global roadshows. It also provides developers with a platform that allows them to connect with other developers and exchanges.

To withdraw assets from Heco to Huobi, you must have a non-custodial wallet. This means you must have your 12-word secret recovery phrase and a desktop computer with MetaMask installed. Otherwise, your assets may be lost forever.

After opening the app, select your wallet and choose the deposit network (HT for this example). You will then be prompted to enter your TT Wallet recipient address for HT. Then, click “Send”. Your transaction will be completed in a few minutes. Make sure you have enough HT in your wallet to cover the gas fee.