What is the composition of the Imtoken password?

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What is the composition of the Imtoken password

Imtoken Password Hint

The IM Token wallet offers powerful encryption technology to keep your coins safe. It also supports hardware wallets, which help to keep your private keys offline and prevent cyber attacks.

When you create or import a wallet, you need to set an Identity name and password. The app then backs up your mnemonic phrase, which is a 12-word string that you should write down by order.

What is the composition of the Imtoken password?

Imtoken Wallet has several effective security measures to guarantee users’ assets are safe. Multi-character passwords and offline transaction signing provide privacy, open-source nature and third-party security audits ensure transparency, and a seed statement helps users retrieve their keys in case of loss.

Upon creating an Identity, users are required to set and confirm a wallet password. This password is applicable to all trades executed under that Identity. Users can re-enter their Identity wallets through the “Recover Identity” tutorial, but they must remember the wallet password is only useful when they use the correct mnemonic to import it.

In order to make sure their assets are well protected, users should back up their mnemonic carefully and store it somewhere outside of their smartphone. This way, even if the app is accidentally deleted or lost, users will be able to recover their wallets. They can also cross-check their mnemonic against physical media (such as writing it down on paper) to make sure it is backed up correctly. Moreover,What can blockchain do in the financial industry? , they should never reveal their wallet password to anyone.

What is the composition of the Imtoken password hint?

The Imtoken password hint is a security feature that allows you to enter a clue in case you forget your wallet password. This is an important security feature as it prevents scammers from stealing your assets. It is recommended that you back up your mnemonic phrase or recovery wallet seed on another device to prevent loss of assets.

During the creation of an identity wallet you are required to set a password for verification of transactions. Please keep this password secure as it is the only way to regain access to your wallet. In case you have forgotten your password you can recover it using the tutorial for a self-custodial wallet or an imported wallet mnemonic/private key.