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Imtoken VPN Download Review

imToken is a popular light wallet that supports a variety of tokens. Its built-in exchange is integrated with the Kyber Network. It also supports a diversity of token-related services.

The app allows you to import wallets using mnemonic passphrase but does not support changing the derivation path when adding new identities. This can be an issue if you have wallets on multiple different derivation paths.


Securing digital assets is vital, and imToken provides a range of security features to protect users’ assets. Its risk control system labels risky tokens; bans risky addresses and DApps; and provides alerts when a user shows abnormal behaviors (e.g., transferring to a contract address or authorizing EOA).

Its multi-chain wallet offers unprecedented token accessibility. Its dapp browser has support for Base, Linea, and PlatON networks, and allows users to seamlessly switch between them with just one tap. It also supports ETH and the ETH-based ERC20 tokens, and is compatible with all major exchanges. Its new signing experience is more intuitive,How much ETH is required to register an EOS wallet on Imtoken? , and its dapp store offers a simple way to get started with the Web3.

The risk control system is built on a strong foundation and includes security measures to protect your private keys. It also offers hardware wallets and cold wallets to keep your privkeys offline. These measures prevent cyber attacks and theft of your assets.

Newcomers to the blockchain world can be easily cheated by scammers during mnemonic backup, transfer, or visiting DApps. These scammers purchase search terms and Ad space on Google to lure users into downloading fake Apps. They then steal the users’ assets by tricking them into sharing their mnemonic and private key with them. In addition, they may also offer high yields to lure users into transferring their assets into the DApp.


Imtoken VPN Download offers a range of features to safeguard your digital assets. This includes comprehensive risk control systems and support for hardware wallets and cold storage to keep your private key offline and prevent cyber attacks. It also has a built-in exchange that allows you to quickly swap tokens. The interface is easy to use and intuitive to navigate.

The latest version of imToken 2.12.2 features improved security and performance enhancements. For example, it now supports the Revoke Authorization Management page that enables users to view the authorization status of their address under any network and take action accordingly. This feature is available on Ethereum and Layer2s.

Additionally, the new address book management function lets users easily save addresses they use frequently, facilitating fast transfers. It also automatically displays wallet addresses in the quick selection address list, enhancing convenience for active users. The address book is also restored when restoring the wallet using the mnemonic phrase.

It also improves the overall user experience by making it easier to track junk tokens, tokens received randomly, and custom-added tokens. For example, the interface will display a separate list for each type of token and will allow users to add an icon to differentiate them from one another. It will also provide a simple way to sort and filter the lists, reducing the need for complicated manual operations.


Founded in 2016, imToken has helped safeguard billions of dollars worth of blockchain- and token-based assets. It allows users to manage assets on 20+ mainstream blockchains and seamlessly connect with DApps via a decentralized applications browser. In addition, it has an integrated hardware wallet (imKey) that provides enhanced security by keeping users’ privkeys offline and prevents cyber attacks.

To ensure the safety of users’ assets, the imToken team has a thorough risk control system and supports hardware wallets (imKey). It also provides a detailed transaction history and offers multiple security features such as HDWallet, address book, transaction push notification, and more.

The team has recently updated its UI and reinvented the signing experience to offer users a more intuitive, secure process. It has also added support for Base, Linea, and PlatON networks, making it easy to explore their vibrant ecosystems.

Users should be aware of common digital asset fraud methods to avoid being cheated by scammers. These scammers often use QR codes or links to lure users into sharing their transfer authorization, resulting in asset stealing. Therefore, it is essential for users to back up their mnemonics carefully and store them in different physical media. Additionally, they should not save their mnemonics through cloud drives or email, and always double-check the mnemonic they have backed up. They should also use a VPN to ensure their network connection is secure.


Despite Apple’s recent hostility to built in dapp stores in wallet apps, imToken offers a full range of dapp support with a handy dapp browser that also provides recommendations. The app also features a DeFi feature that lets you earn interest on your tokens by lending them to Compound or other similar services and supports both Atom and Loom for staking. It has comprehensive risk control systems to safeguard your digital assets and allows you to keep your private keys offline using hardware wallets or cold storage. It also enables you to view detailed transaction records of your token transactions.