Imtoken official website version 3.0 is now available!

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Imtoken official website version 3 is now available

ImToken Official Website Version 3 Is Now Available

The latest version of imToken includes several security enhancements and new functions. Among others, there is improved multi-coin support and a built-in exchange.

Moreover,How can I transfer coins from the tp wallet? , there is also a new way to view detailed transaction information for addresses. This can help users avoid scams by analyzing and identifying potential risks.

The team also added several improvements to the risk control system, including professional targeted measures such as unparseable signatures and ENS security risk controls.


In the crypto world, imToken Wallet is known as the “home of Token.” The platform is highly secure and allows users to store all their tokens. Its team is constantly working to update its product. The latest version includes a new interface and improved security features. The team also plans to launch a multi-chain wallet in the future.

In addition, the new version has optimized its signature experience to ensure that what you sign is exactly what you see. The UI of the signature page now clearly displays the original data, the original wallet address, the login website and its URL, as well as the DApp details. The security risk control system has also been enhanced to prevent potential attacks.

Users can also easily manage their wallets on multiple chains by importing them into the imToken app using a single Mnemonic passphrase. The wallet supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS and more than 200,000 other blockchains. It can be accessed by Android and iOS devices.

In addition, imToken supports a variety of hardware wallets. In particular, it is compatible with the BlueEthoo platform and its ImKey hardware wallet. This makes it easy for users to share their cryptocurrency with others. This feature is a great option for beginners who are not familiar with cryptography. It is also a convenient way to exchange and swap tokens for other currencies.


The new version 2.12.2 implements 7 demand suggestions for imToken products from the community, optimizes the ETH pledge experience, and fully supports WalletConnect 2.0. It also provides more features for users to better manage their assets. For example, the new version allows users to set miner fees in fiat currency units, and can quickly grasp the latest information on holdings through the first screen display interface. It also makes it easier to manage the authorization status of addresses and easily cancel the authorization process.

Moreover, the new version has enhanced the risk control system to better protect users’ digital assets. For example, when transferring funds, the app will clearly display all signature details. This includes the original data, login website and URL, wallet address, and the DApp transaction details. The app will also warn users of unparseable signatures and non-standard EIP-712 type signatures, thereby preventing malicious transactions.

In addition, the app supports hardware wallets and cold wallets to keep private keys offline and prevent cyber attacks. It also offers a native smart contract based atomic swap feature and DApp browser to connect you with the tokenized world.

Besides ETH, the wallet supports BTC, XRP, TRON, NFTs, KSM, DOT and FIL, and allows for the exploration of DApps on all major blockchains. It is a secure, fast, and user-friendly digital wallet that provides a robust asset management experience for its users.


The latest version of imToken Wallet features advanced functions, making the wallet more convenient and secure. These include acceleration of pending transactions, synchronisation of the address book and managing concurrent transactions. In addition, the exchange function allows users to quickly swap tokens without incurring any additional transaction fees (except for gas).

The new version of imToken Wallet also includes improved security measures that help keep user’s crypto-assets safe. These include a multi-character password and offline transaction signing, which provide privacy guarantees. It also supports mainstream hardware wallets such as Ledger and CoolWallet, allowing users to backup their private keys. The app also offers a sharing system via Blueethoo, making it easy to share cryptocurrencies with others.

Another improvement in imToken Wallet is the ability to filter and display transactions based on their time, status, and type. This makes it easier for users to understand their transaction history on the Ethereum network. The wallet also supports ERC1155-type NFTs and has optimized the NFT page to make it easier for users to view their NFTs’ basic information and transaction records.

In addition, the app has added support for TTSwap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) on the ThunderCore blockchain, which enables users to trade TT across different chains. In the future, the app will add more cross-chain DEXs to its portfolio and enable users to use TT in DeFi services.


At ETHGlobal Tokyo, imtoken and Velocore announced a partnership to offer an integrated DEX for NFTs. It allows users to trade their tokens for a variety of services in one place. The platform is free to use and supports trading pairs such as ETH/USDC and VC/ETH. It also allows users to easily transfer their tokens to other wallets.

The new imtoken version features a redesigned signature experience and enhanced security risk control system. This ensures that “what you see is what you sign for”. Users can backup their wallets with their mnemonic passphrase and receive support from the imtoken team. In addition, they can easily connect to DApps on multiple networks through the WalletConnect API.

Moreover, imtoken offers a cold wallet function for Ethereum and EOS wallets to keep private keys offline. This feature makes it easier to authorize transactions and prevents cyber attacks. The company also enables decoded transactions on Ethereum and Arbitrum Nova to increase transparency and prevent fraudulent transactions.

The company has also implemented a multi-chain wallet that will allow its users to move between different blockchains. This feature will be particularly useful for those who want to exchange their crypto for goods and services. This will help them avoid having to use multiple wallets and will reduce the risk of losing their assets.