Where is the headquarters of Imtoken located?

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Where is the headquarters of Imtoken located

Where is the Headquarters of Imtoken Located?

The headquarters of imtoken are located in Singapore. The company’s mobile wallet provides multi-chain digital asset management, DApp browsing, and private exchange of value. It also offers staking features for some coins.

Founded in 2016, the Series B startup is inspired to make digital life equally accessible. Its products, including Tokenlon DEX and the imToken wallet app, showcase its passion for building secure yet user-friendly products.


A startup named imToken has moved its headquarters to Singapore in a bid to take its wallet service global. Its move was facilitated by a new round of funding from VC firm IDG Capital.

The company has already made significant strides in the crypto industry, attracting millions of users with its cryptocurrency wallet app. This has piqued the interest of investors, and it is not surprising that the company has raised more than $40 million. Investors include IDG Capital, Breyer Capital, Longling Capital, and Signum Capital.

Its latest fundraise is aimed at creating features for “imToken 3.0.” These features include keyless accounts and account recovery. The company also intends to expand its research arm, called imToken Labs. In addition, it is planning to open offices in more countries.

Founded in 2016 in Hangzhou, China, imToken has grown exponentially since its launch and is now serving millions of high-net-worth users worldwide. The company also operates a token exchange, Tokenlon DEX, and an open source blockchain.

The company has been growing at a rapid pace and has recently reached over $50 billion in assets. In addition to this, it has formed a partnership with HashKey, a cryptocurrency exchange. This will allow the company to provide users with uninterrupted access to their crypto wallets. The two companies will work together to create a user experience that is seamless and safe.


Founded in 2016, the company originally created one of the first digital wallet apps for the Ethereum blockchain. It has since expanded to support a claimed 30,000-plus tokens, and now claims to have a user base of 4 million users globally, with 70 percent of those located in China.

With its new funding, imToken plans to expand its team and launch a product that will allow its users to manage all of their cryptocurrencies at once. It also wants to add features like keyless accounts and account recovery, as well as a suite of decentralized finance services.

The company recently announced that it had closed a $10 million Series A round, which was fully funded by venture capital firm IDG Capital. The money will be used to help the company expand its global presence and develop new products. The firm also intends to open offices in other countries.

While the firm is working to grow its user base, it has also had to deal with increased competition in the crypto wallet industry. For example, a phishing scam that targets users of the popular MetaMask wallet has been popping up in search engines around the world. This trend has prompted cybersecurity firm SlowMist to issue a warning to the public.

With the latest release of its digital wallet platform, imToken will continue to improve security for users and developers alike. The new version includes self-held private keys and enhanced privacy protection, which will enable users to take custody of their own assets. The wallet also supports 12 mainstream blockchains and offers seamless connectivity to DApps without logins.

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The company also has a research arm for blockchain technology and plans to open offices in more countries. Its current headcount is 78, including staff in mainland China and the United States. Its users are tech-savvy individuals who see cryptocurrencies as a way to make investments. About 90 percent of them are male and between 30 and 39 years old, with annual incomes of US$150,000 to US$250,000.

The new funding will help imToken develop its next iteration, imToken 3.0, which will provide keyless accounts and account recovery. This will help the wallet company achieve its long-term goal of making blockchains accessible to the masses.

ImToken is a cryptocurrency wallet that features multi-chain asset management,Download the 3.0 version of Imtoken from the official website. , DApp browsing, and private exchange of value. It offers an easy-to-use Web3 browser that provides a comprehensive view of the tokenized world. Its comprehensive risk control system protects digital assets from cyber attacks, and it supports cold and hardware wallets to keep private keys offline. It also allows users to view all token transaction records, and it is compatible with decoded signatures, a feature that increases security. Moreover, imToken supports a variety of DApps and other platforms, and has a dedicated team to monitor DApp development. As such, the platform can respond quickly to user concerns and vulnerabilities.

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With a strong belief that digital asset wallets are the most user-friendly entry points to the crypto space, imToken is committed to making the tokenized world accessible to millions of people from all around the globe. The company’s decentralized mobile light digital wallet platform, which currently serves more than 12 million high net worth users from 150 countries, provides a secure and seamless way for them to manage their blockchain- and token-based assets, identities, and data. The firm’s latest investment will help accelerate the development of its next iteration, imToken 3.0, and will help it achieve its long-term goal of bringing the crypto industry to the masses.

The funding will also be used for the development of a research arm and global talent recruitment, the company said in a press release. It will continue to explore and apply advanced blockchain technologies, while leveraging the existing infrastructure of its current platform to deliver more user-friendly features.

The company has already made significant progress towards this objective, such as introducing account abstraction and MPC to its mobile wallet. In addition, it has partnered with several wallet service providers to provide a smoother introduction to the crypto world. These partnerships will help the company achieve its mission of helping millions of people from all over the world enter the tokenized world.