Free Download Imtoken for iOS

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Free Download Imtoken for iOS

Free Download ImToken For PC Windows 10/8/7 Laptop

Free Download imToken - Your Trusted Ethereum&ERC20 Wallet for PC Windows 10/8/7 Laptop

It is non-custodial and your private keys are stored on your device. It also has effective security measures like multi-character passwords and offline transaction signing.

The app supports multiple cryptocurrencies and has an inbuilt exchange. This means you can quickly swap tokens, without paying the transaction fees (GAS). It also offers a robust asset management experience.


The imToken wallet is built with layers of protection and offers military-grade security. It features pin-protection and a mnemonic seed phrase to support recovery options in case it is lost or stolen. It also has a built-in exchange and supports a number of crypto assets, coins, and tokens. Its support is upgraded on a regular basis.

When you install the app, you will be asked to set a password and a 12-word recovery phrase. Keep this phrase safe somewhere and use it if you need to reset your password or restore the wallet on another device. The app is non-custodial, which means your private keys are stored on your device and not on the company’s servers.

The ETH wallet decodes and presents your transactions in an easy-to-understand format, which helps you manage your digital assets and tokens. The wallet also supports a variety of NFTs, and it includes a built-in exchange that lets you quickly swap your tokens. Its NFT page also allows you to see the basic information of a NFT, including its type and transaction history.

Supports multiple cryptocurrencies

With ImToken, you can easily manage multiple crypto assets and enjoy the benefits of blockchain. It offers a range of features, including a cold wallet option to provide an extra layer of security. It also supports a number of major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and Bitcoin.

With the new version of this app, you can securely manage thousands of tokens, watch your DeFi balances grow, flip NFTs, and experience Layer 2 and ETH staking. It also features a DEX and DApp browser. It can be used on all your devices, allowing you to access your crypto anytime and anywhere.

The latest version of this app is available on both Android and iOS devices. It has a new look and a more user-friendly interface. In addition, it offers enhanced support for the ICO process. This includes the ability to create and save multiple addresses, as well as an easy-to-use address book. The app also provides a number of other useful features, such as a customizable interface and the ability to import data from a desktop wallet.

Supports cold storage

The wallet supports cold storage, allowing users to store their assets in hardware wallets or old phones. This feature helps keep private keys offline, reducing the risk of cyber attacks. The wallet also offers a secure way to exchange value and browse DApps. Its built-in Web3 dApp browser supports all major chains. It also supports 0x and the token-to-token exchange, Tokenlon.

With its comprehensive risk control system and support for hardware wallets and cold wallets, imToken is a great choice for protecting your digital assets. It also supports decoded transactions, allowing users to track all transaction records. It is also compatible with all major hardware wallets.

You can download and install imToken - Bitcoin & Ethereum Wallet on your Windows 10 PC or laptop using an Android emulator like MEmu. Once you have installed MEmu Play, you will see Google Playstore App icon on the home screen of MEmu Play. Just click on that and search for “imToken - Bitcoin & Ethereum wallet”. This will show you the results in bluestacks. Select the one from ConsenLabs co, ltd. developer and click on Install.

Supports decoded transactions

Unlike many wallets, imToken is highly versatile. It is compatible with a variety of hardware wallets including the Ledger Nano X and Trezor and offers staking in partnership with SparkPool and HashQuark. The wallet also supports multiple operating systems, including Android and iOS.

A new decoded transaction feature allows users to see all token transaction records in their ETH wallets, which helps them understand what is happening on-chain. This update will give users greater control over their ETH wallets and make it easier to manage transactions. It will also help them avoid being spoofed by zero-amount transactions.

In addition to supporting Ethereum and Arbitrum, the latest version of imToken has features like a real-time decentralized exchange, DApp browser, and Bluetooth hardware wallet support. The app also has a privacy mode to prevent dApps from reading the contents of a user’s active wallet. It also provides an easy way to import a wallet via phrase, key or keystore, though its handling of derivation paths needs improvement. It also does not clear your wallet history when you switch identities, which can leave you vulnerable to attack.

Supports DApp browser

With a specialized interface, imToken lets you keep track of the tokens you have. It supports a number of different cryptocurrencies and has separate interfaces for junk tokens, tokens you got on purpose,Imtoken Wallet for Android Download , and custom-added ones. This helps you avoid getting stuck with a useless token. It also allows you to exchange them for other currencies.

The interface is clean and well-designed. It is also secure, with support for biometrics and a password. Unlike some wallets, it is non-custodial, which means your private keys stay on your device, not the company’s servers. This makes it a good choice for storing large amounts of cryptocurrency.

The app has a variety of other features that are worth exploring, including support for multiple cryptocurrencies and a decentralized application browser. It is also compatible with hardware wallets, such as the ImKey Pro. It can even earn you interest through staking, in partnership with SparkPool and HashQuark. Moreover, it offers a slick interface for swapping and transferring tokens between accounts. This makes it the most comprehensive wallet currently available on the market.