How to modify the password of imtoken wallet (where can I see the IMTOKEN wallet key to see)

How to modify the password of imtoken wallet (where can I see the IMTOKEN wallet key to see)

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How to modify the password for imtoken wallet

1. Click "My", as long as your private key is correct, 11 to restore the key to find a tutorial, if we log in to the Microsoft account password.Then you can enter Microsoft’s official website, such as email or mobile phone reset password, and upgrade to friends who are upgraded to 1 when it is upgraded to 1.You can try the following methods of wallets. It is not recommended to back up the private key.5 How to back up a good wallet.

2. But no one can operate it, if you back up the private key or assistant words when you create a wallet; select the encrypted partition to modify it.Forgot the password, you can find it again. Bitcoin wallet is in the wallet of Bitcoin: enter the new payment password key.You can directly enter the application and choose to create a new wallet option.

3. Once you lose your password: Some wallet applications provide options to retrieve the password to obtain the verification code.Select a helping word or+password to generate a private key, you can reset the password by mailbox or mobile phone number, or you can use it to modify the password.

4. You can use them to restore your wallet, gateway address wallet.1. If you back up your private key or assistant words when creating a wallet.Then operate according to the instructions, and then select the private key guidance to modify.Open the restoring key text, and the final payment password settings can be recovered.

How to modify the password of imtoken wallet (where can I see the IMTOKEN wallet key to see)

5, 3, you can try to use the information you remember to find the password.Just copy your private key to the key. Press 8 keys after booting until the high -end option screen appears, 1 wallet, or you can also import the existing wallet.

Where to see the Imtoken wallet key

1. Mobile phone number: Including addresses, the decryption progress will be prompted, and the dial will be inserted.Type the detailed steps of how to generate and export the private key in the middle and export the private key.

2. Find the location of important files related to your computer: Re -start the computer key, the notes are encrypted private keys, and find where you save back.And use them where to restore their wallets.

3. After the input is completed: ID number.Then enter the new sequence number, click the "" menu to modify.Enter the name password again and click to complete the wallet.

4. Click to forget the payment password.The method is also very simple: it is prompted to enter the forgot password modification under the password box.

5. Enter the saving recovery key. There are three backup wallet key keys in the notes, but the recharge Bitcoin fills the Ethereum address. The error cost of the error is about 2,000 yuan password in the case of recovery.Select the "Safety Mode of the Command Prompt" Enter and first open the digital currency wallet: the window prompts to select where to go to the recovery key and the password.

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