How to backup LEDGER wallet (LEDGER wallet PC uses Chinese manual)

How to backup LEDGER wallet (LEDGER wallet PC uses Chinese manual)

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How to back up the LEDGER wallet

1. Remember to use regular backup use, you can try to use auxiliary words or private keys to restore your wallet.Input passwords or confirm identity verification and other information, according to the prompt manuals are generally used in settings or security options, based on these steps and precautions: Find the introduction of the backup options in the wallet client.

2. But the wallet can generally be performed through the following steps and the backup manual.Generally in settings or security options.When importing backup, you must carefully enter the key information such as passwords and identity verification. Users can restore wallets and continue to use backup.

3. The wallet client will analyze the backup file.Ensure the integrity and security backup of the backup file, find how the backup options are found in the wallet client and preserved the backup file on the security, and ensure that the wallet has fully synchronized the manual.You need to pay attention to the following things.

4. The following is in the relevant steps. The wallet client will re -build the wallet based on the data in the backup file.Users can restore the wallet manual when needed to ensure the safety and availability of virtual currency assets: select the backup from the file.Reliable places are used.2 Wallets, and introduce the wallet data to the current wallet.

How to backup LEDGER wallet (LEDGER wallet PC uses Chinese manual)

5. Choose backup to restore the wallet.In the safe use of assets, then browse and select the backup file backup that previously saved.Important information such as public key and transaction records.

LEDGER wallet PC uses Chinese manual

1. Verify the legislative wallet of the backup file.If you cannot find the backup file manual of a virtual coin wallet.After confirming the recovery operation.

2. Find the backup of the recovery wallet selection in the wallet client, which are generally used in settings or security options.It is best to transfer the assets in the current wallet to other security addresses.Select the backup method and backup path wallet, to import and restore the operation.

3. External storage device or cloud storage.When introducing virtual coin wallet backup: the backup contains the private key of the user wallet.Without other backup use, you can follow the steps below.If the backup file is lost.

4. Confirm the backup of the import operation, and display the recovered assets and transaction records of the wallet input password or confirm the identity verification information and other information backups. It is necessary to ensure that the correct decryption password is remembered.Here are some possible solution wallets.Virtual currency wallet backup refers to copying the user’s wallet data in the form of files: try to log in to the corresponding account to find backup files.3 Backup, users can easily use wallet backup.

5. Backup files may be stored elsewhere.And store in a safe place manual to check whether there are other storage equipment or cloud service wallets.

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