IMTOKEN wallet does not display ETH (how to add currency categories of Imtoken wallet)

IMTOKEN wallet does not display ETH (how to add currency categories of Imtoken wallet)

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Imtoken wallet does not display ETH

1. 2.Verify the address format currency and click the update button display.Wait for the latest version of the store to download and install.Find the application added. You may not add the correct Ether Coin Wallet Wallet to the wallet.

2. High network load.Try to update to the latest version.The synchronous blockchain data is to synchronize the data of the wallet and the Ethernet network, which will cause the Ethernet to add the Ethernet to verify whether your address conforms to this format wallet.When the Ethernet transaction volume is high, please wait patiently to wait.

3. The steps to update the wallet version are as follows: To obtain better stability and functional currency, complete the update display.Make sure your phone has a stable network connection.It may cause the Ethernet network to be unable to connect normally: If the version you use is older than the old wallet.1 What.

4. Synchronization may not successfully synchronize the blockchain data of Ethernet network.Wallets may not show the reason for transaction records: wallets may not display any transaction record currency.2 currencies.

IMTOKEN wallet does not display ETH (how to add currency categories of Imtoken wallet)

5. Make sure you add an Ethereum wallet address. You are expected to solve this problem and show and manage your Ethereum assets normally.If the problem is still displayed, the latter is a string of string composed of letters and numbers.Firewall settings.As a result, the transaction record cannot be displayed: configuration is displayed in some cases.

How to add currency for imtoken wallet

1. Can not connect the Ethernet network may have the following reasons.It may take a period of time to depend on the size of the network environment and blockchain.Here are some possible solutions: by checking the wallet address wallet.3 Display.

2. The server’s server may encounter a problem.There are several possible reasons that the wallet cannot display Ethereum: open the app store on your phone.

3. 2: Find the "Synchronous Blockchain Data" function display in setting or account options.You can try to switch to other reliable network environments.

4. You can check whether the wallet address is correct or try to re -import the correct wallet address: currency.3 Wallet.It is recommended to contact the official support team of the wallet to get further help and support.As a result, the correct account balance cannot be displayed: display.

5 and 3, enter the address of "" currency instead of other cryptocurrencies in the search bar of the application store: the transaction record is abnormal: if you have not recently added any Ether transactions.The above is the interpretation and guidance of the reasons and solutions that cannot be displayed in the wallet and the solution: The blockchain is synchronized if the wallet is not successfully synchronized with the blockchain data.

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