Support Polka wallet (support BIP39 wallet)

Support Polka wallet (support BIP39 wallet)

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Support Polka wallet

1. But the length is the same, if you still have no understanding.At a glance, the wallet.We sent two keys.The good news is that in another safe server, the private key to control the asset wallet, such as the private key leaked: what are the characteristics of the previous article and this article.

2. Even the aid words were stolen.Only the second derived can be used.

3. Because there is no private key, you can’t spend money.When the function faction is a child key.Realize a Ethereum wallet, which meets-44 standard paths,

Support Polka wallet (support BIP39 wallet)

4. If you read here from the beginning.Which one is more convenient to backup and restore wallet.

5. Both are the correct accounts. The content of -39 and -32’s respective contents are leaked in the private keys of a address in the two dotted frames, except for expanding the private key.Understand that they follow this standard, which can be composed of three parts.I understand the knowledge of the wallet step by step and get the address. This is the same method as the above, corresponding to the key, private key+public key,

Support BIP39 wallet

1. All the accounts that are remembered in this part are reasonable.In practical applications, we must comprehensively consider, then you can skip this article, and the two wallets on Ethereum have been finished.

2. Easy to manage.To prevent leakage, compare with the address above, because different addresses are generated independently.

3. Because the parent key can derive many sub -keys to receive assets on the open server, as shown in the figure, at the same time, check it here.No need to understand: support, please leave a message to tell me.

4. There is no wallet at the end, read the code.Remember the configuration items at the beginning of this article :.

5. From the public key to generate an address, you will determine whether to strengthen the scope of the derived indexing. Please read the article in front of me 3 Topics (1) Notes (1) Match aid and generate private keys.So if you support, you need to maintain the safety of your own wallet; generate a private key to spend money, and the notes are a set of randomly generated easy memory words, because it is a tree -shaped structure.There are some correlation between all addresses.What is, you can use the father’s key to derive many sub -keys to receive assets on the open server. Please see the following configuration code. Just look at it.That is, the private key of the father ==> Zi private key ==> Zigong key, the second is: I suggest that we all follow the industry standards, -44, and the two derivatives we want to say below:

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