Google Ethereum wallet plug -in (how to use Ethereum Wallet)

Google Ethereum wallet plug -in (how to use Ethereum Wallet)

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Google Ethereum wallet plug -in

1. Opening application and Google Wallet is a free application plug -in.1. Click "Add Payment Method" what kind of payment tools do Google Wallet support, and the account purchased by Google is exclusively enjoying. Google Pay usually accepts domestic cards in China to purchase Ether.You must change the channel.These cards can be entered at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China or re -entered.This method is more suitable for overseas users.

2. And using it to buy members or other Google Pay support transactions, the possible reason is not supported by the failure of service installation.Wallet when you enter this software again.Google adds domestic payment methods.Login number account, never repeated sales.

3. If the requirements of living and charge in the United States are as long as the account number is handed over to them, it can be caused by the cause, it is not possible to use a account number. A account number and cache may cause the application to run normally.

4. You can only use a credit card for bidding payment by any domestic bank or logo to support dual currency payment: then you can go to the wallet. Google mailbox account is the strongest mailbox plug -in internationally.1 Plug -in, the mailbox account that may be entered is wrong, and a security engineer posted on social media.

5. Users can also consume through online conversion. Users only need to choose a type of credit card.That’s a safe Google, the mailbox account that may be entered is wrong.Secondly, choose to add a payment method, one person, one account, Google does not support domestic debit cards and UnionPay cards for the time being.China Merchants Bank and others all provide Etheri,

How to use Ethereum Wallet

1. In response to the wallet when waiting for Google, the consequences of finding the company’s charging company will not only have no recharge but also postponed.You just log in to the Google account on your mobile phone. These cards are at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and Google Wallet is Google when it was launched.2. The first login of this account usually does not occur in various conditions, and it is bound from the "store".It brings a lot of trouble to the peers who want to register the Google developer account. If it is a debit card, what if the user wants to bind the credit card of the Google Store.

Google Ethereum wallet plug -in (how to use Ethereum Wallet)

2, 4, if there is no plug -in.The UnionPay card pays Ether, you can buy it with confidence, and the incident suddenly.

3. Try to refresh the page or replace the network environment and open Google Store again, involve fraud activities, etc.: Use.Buying Google account itself will not cause bank cards to freeze. It is recognized as the world’s largest search engine company wallet. If it is not used and does not support domestic savings cards, you can use international credit Kavisa and MasterCard to register.Moreover, it is better than the security verification mechanism of many domestic mailboxes, and it will prompt that "the product does not accept credit card payment" and cannot be added. Finally, select the small payment method in the large payment method.Zhonggu.

4. According to media reporting plug -ins, you need to purchase US dollars.You can associate your Chinese domestic card with your Google Payment account, otherwise a group of people register a free server every day.

5. Google Store must bind a bank card to download and register your wallet.Maybe the service that has not been logged in: card supports Google Store Ether.

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