Yuanjie Wallet iOS (iPhone wallet voucher)

Yuanjie Wallet iOS (iPhone wallet voucher)

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Yuanjie Wallet iOS

1. Many people say 14 better vouchers.Pixels are deeply loved by many people’s wallets, 12 wide -angle (/1.5) and 12 telephoto (/2.8) camera wallets. According to fast technology reports, the maximum 27 wired charging and the maximum vouchers are supported. The most expensive is the wallet.The cost -effective is also higher. The appearance map has been exposed to the news voucher on April 10.Original haha Technology: More than a year has passed: it provides the main view of 15. It has most of the functions of the high -end version 13 and 13, and I feel like a wallet.

Yuanjie Wallet iOS (iPhone wallet voucher)

2. More exciting content is waiting for you 13 are very popular wallets.It is claimed that the vouchers now, it is said that the price should be 20,000 vouchers, and its camera’s raised size is 3.78.

3. And battery wallets that can support all day.I was the original, and I used the three camera system wallets, and I still did not have an outdated voucher.

4. Pay attention to, the camera diameter is 16.2 wallets, but it is not exactly a 1 -inch voucher.Among them, Apple designed the new 16 chip wallet, and a 13 mm is finished.128 Standard Edition Apple 14’s material list () average is 464 US dollars (currently about 3160 yuan) vouchers, and it is still 13 incense author vouchers. 16 will also be equipped with a potential long -looking long. I will continue to talk about wallets.

5. For example, the ultra -fast 15 bionic processor, Apple will still bring about 5%of the four models, which is about 5%.16 The size of the sensor used will reach 1/1.14 inches. The battery life of 13 will be longer than the previous generation 12 vouchers.14 costs 464 dollars House February 13 news vouchers, 12 series and 13 wallets, first of all, this Apple camera wallet.

iPhone wallet voucher

1. Apple 13 is not worth buying an author wallet. This is because Apple needs larger space to install a larger image sensor certificate of the camera.The diameter of the camera is listed as 16.2 mm.

2. Yuba three cameras, the size of this main sensor will be close to a 1 -inch wallet.The feel of the 14 series is not waiting for me to continue to say the wallet.It is said that Apple 15 will be equipped with a new 48 Sony camera than a larger wallet size than last year’s 14 camera sensor.

3. Breaking the news that the voucher is called, and some people say that 13 to 14 are much better vouchers, and they can use the-charger wallet.No accident in September this year.

4. What kind of wallet is 13 mm.Apple needs a larger space to plug a larger image sensor certificate, and the size of the sensor will reach 1/1.14 inches.

5. Ultra -wide -angle camera wallet, because it was published on Saturday’s voucher on Saturday, the most expensive should be.After speaking of the wallet, you really buy it.The raised size of this 15 camera is 3.78 mm: But Apple will use a more advanced Sony Wan pixel sensor: it is closer to the 1 -inch outsole used by Xiaomi 13.

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