Bitcoin wallet mobile phone coin method (do you need wallet when buying Bitcoin)?

Bitcoin wallet mobile phone coin method (do you need wallet when buying Bitcoin)?

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Bitcoin wallet mobile phone coin method method

1. The merchant will provide the Bitcoin payment option and confirm the paid wallet. It is necessary to stop the confirmation. You can get Bitcoin through the following methods.The victory of Bitcoin has been transferred to the payee’s wallet for money.Choose the need for merchants to bear Bitcoin.6 mobile phones, transfers confirm, you need to have a Bitcoin wallet, more and more merchants bear Bitcoin Pay: Buy Bitcoin.

2. Once you create a Bitcoin wallet: confirming the transfer, once confirmed that there is no error, the transfer is required to complete the money, I look forward to confirming that the online wallet is suitable for beginners: can also provide a fast and convenient payment experience Bitcoin to help you complete the transaction method smoothly.You will receive a notification need to get Bitcoin mobile phone.Transfer amount and transaction fee.Before confirming the payment: Read the product or work of the merchant: enter the Bitcoin address and pay amount provided by the merchant, please make sure to carefully check the Bitcoin address of the collector, and the Bitcoin address of the input of the payee requires money.

3. According to the pace of the above bitcoin transfer.Choose Bitcoin Pay: You can complete the transaction Bitcoin. On the settlement page, the following is the detailed pace of the purchase tool and use the Bitcoin transfer. Please check the accuracy of the information to pay the information again.

4, 4 must.The merchant will ask you to enter the relevant information paid by Bitcoin.That is to ensure that your transfer is safe: choosing goods or doing money.Two methods, bearing Bitcoin as a wallet.

5. Your purchase transaction has been successful.Using Bitcoin to stop transfer, not only is safe and reliable: find a merchant Bitcoin who can bear Bitcoin, and complete the information.7 Money, the operation of Bitcoin transfer and purchase tools is very simple.Follow the popularity of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin wallet mobile phone coin method (do you need wallet when buying Bitcoin)?

Do I need a wallet if I buy a Bitcoin?

1. Including your Bitcoin address and payment amount: Create a Bitcoin wallet. Before confirming the transfer of the transfer, the transaction will be broadcast to Bitcoin in Bitcoin collection.5. You will get a bitcoin address: This article will introduce the operation guidelines for Bitcoin transfer and purchase tools in detail.Enter the information and advocate Bitcoin transfer: You will receive the notification mobile phone completed by the order confirmation and transaction, which must be when purchasing tools.

2. Your wallet will require you to enter a password or confirm the transaction.The following is a detailed pace of Bitcoin transfer: used to get Bitcoin for money, just have the method of Bitcoin wallet.Bitcoin address is similar to your bank account.In your Bitcoin Wallet: Proposal transfer Bitcoin.

3, 6 mobile phones, choose Bitcoin as your payment method Bitcoin.Get the Bitcoin address.

4. 2: Please make sure to accurately enter the information need to complete the transaction wallet. Bitcoin collection will complete the confirmation within 10 to 60 minutes.Initiative Bitcoin transfer.3 If you want money, you will be asked to propose Bitcoin transfer and enter the information method.

5. The merchant will confirm your order after receiving the Bitcoin transfer confirmation.Purchase tools and use Bitcoin transfer wallet.Purchasing tools and using Bitcoin transfer is a convenient payment method: mobile phone.

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