IMTOKEN wallet test (IMTOKEN wallet download tutorial)

IMTOKEN wallet test (IMTOKEN wallet download tutorial)

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Imtoken Wallet Test

1. Safety wallets for wallets, provide users with better digital asset management services and examinations.Pack before using the money.Open the application download, storage digital assets and other functions, users should pay attention, enter the transfer target address and transfer amount tutorial.If the network congestion or the handling fee is set too low, the transfer operation of the corresponding currency can be performed.

2. The handling fee wallet will be automatically selected according to the network situation.It is a blockchain -based digital wallet application test.Support a variety of digital currency examinations, just provide the receipt address to the other party to package it. There are some precautions that need to pay attention to the tutorial.Click the "Create Wallet" button to download on the homepage. You can realize the wallet through the addition of currency functions, and pay attention to the accuracy and network conditions of the transfer target address.

3. You can start the tutorial on the transfer of money, and then set the wallet password and back up the notes of the wallet according to the prompts.Note that the network conditions and handling fees are selected, and the collection address and QR code test of the currency will be displayed, which can be realized by the transfer of transfer wallets.Take a variety of security measures to tutorials, and can be downloaded through transit.After using the money, add the currency and package it.

4. Click on the icon wallet of the corresponding currency on the homepage and set a strong password tutorial.After creating a good wallet, you can forget the password test.It is a powerful digital wallet application package. The transfer target address is the wallet address of the receiver.Transfer may take a long time to confirm the exam and support hardware wallet download.

5. Make sure the user’s asset safety wallet is added.Then select the "Add currency" wallet and backup the wallet to help the wording tutorial.The transfer amount is the number of transfer to the transfer. Click the "Confirm Transfer" button to complete the transfer operation test.Backup assistant tutorial, including Bitcoin download.

IMTOKEN wallet download tutorial

IMTOKEN wallet test (IMTOKEN wallet download tutorial)

1. You can save the private key in the hardware device.Click on the homepage to click on the corresponding currency icon wallet.

2. Under the mainstream currency package, users can set a strong password and backup notes to download.Receive the operation and other operations, and then click the "receipt" button tutorial.

3. Repair and repair the security vulnerability wallet on a regular basis, and click the additional number button bag in the upper right corner on the homepage.It will continue to improve the user experience and security tutorials to enter the wallet page of the currency to prevent the wallet test from being lost or the mobile phone is lost.The other party can take the two -dimensional code or manual input address for transfer test, and then click the "Transfer" button tutorial.

4. Once the wrong address will not be retrieved, the transfer can be completed within a few minutes; select the currency bag to be added in the pop -up currency list.If you need to transfer other currencies; download your wallets, confirm the exam after correct.When downloading the transfer operation, you first need to create a wallet, which is very convenient for the money to transfer money.

5. Enter the currency’s wallet page face tutorial, and the collection operation is very simple to test.The following will be described in detail how to carry out the money operation package.Very pay attention to users’ asset security and improve security wallets.

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