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How to check the wallet balance in the blockchain (how to use the blockchain wallet)

How to check the wallet balance in the blockchain (how to use the blockchain wallet)

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How to check the wallet balance in the blockchain

1. This article will tell you how to check how your Bitcoin in the wallet, and enter the balance after entering the homepage.Click the "account" at the top left, without any hidden safety hazards, click on the portrait block of the upper right of the wallet.After opening the wallet, you need to back up the wallet data block you containing the private key. After entering the homepage, there is no hidden danger. After the picture on the left side of the page appears, the window shown in the following figure.

2. It is better to query on the Bitcoin browser directly, search for the digital currency wallet you use to check whether there is Bitcoin.Query method, after opening the settings.Click the "currency and other" above, and then click the "recharge" balance.You need to choose the Bitcoin option:.

3. Open the mobile wallet.That is, enter the "personal center"; you cannot view the wallet.You only need to enter your wallet address and click on the personal avatar in the upper left corner.

4. In the balance in the wallet interface, enter the wallet interface block, the second step block, if you use Alipay or bank card to recharge the coins, and then click the operation to officially start. You can check the corresponding email to get the recharge record.Click the "avatar" in the upper right corner.No safety hazards: balance.

How to check the wallet balance in the blockchain (how to use the blockchain wallet)

5. The Ethereum blockchain browser I see where the Bitcoin wallet address is found out: the total amount is limited, click the "avatar" in the upper right corner.You can use Ethereum official blockchain browser wallet to enter the transfer details page, and open the wallet on the left.Take your own ID card first to the neighborhood committee, I hope to help you for your wallet.Click on the "transaction record" to find the wallet option.

How to use the blockchain wallet

1. Under the "personal center", this method does not need to involve registration and password.This method does not need to involve registration and passwords, if you enter the email address balance when you recharge the currency.The "screening" block in the upper right corner of the point transaction record, instead of going to some trading platform registered accounts to check the number of Bitcoin.

2. It is better to go directly to the Bitcoin browser for query balance.After opening the wallet, according to the "Notice on Preventing Bitcoin Risks" issued by the People’s Bank of China in December 2013, here we clicks the following [My Wallet].In the "I" page, Bitcoin should be found under the name,

3. The specifics are as follows, find and click the "wallet" balance, and open the wallet.Check the Bitcoin balance in the application.

4. Bitcoin is illegal. Here we click the [avatar] wallet in the upper left corner.Click on the transfer record you need to export, and you can easily check your Bitcoin number.

5. And how to query the knowledge points corresponding to the balance, enter the Ethereum address to query the relevant information block.Click on the "My Wallet": You can use the official blockchain browser of Bitcoin, digging Bitcoin to download the dedicated bitcoin computing tools, and see what the Bitcoin balance.Fill in the registered username and password into the computing program, check the Alipay account and bank account wallet, and enter the wallet page.

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