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Forgot to the wallet (how to deal with the wallet after being lost)

Forgot to the wallet (how to deal with the wallet after being lost)

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Forgotten wallet

1. The reporter of the case, the handwritten person handled, believed that the facts of the crime occurred and the loss of criminal liability, or the fact that the facts of the criminal were significantly slightly unnecessary, no criminal responsibility.It is decided to investigate or trial a kind of litigation wallet for criminal cases, so how to determine a large starting point forgotten.The reporting wallet can apply for reconsideration and decide not to be applied to the public security organs within seven days after receiving the notice of the case.If the person who picks up the money refuses to return, you can collect evidence and report the case. Some people think that the starting point amount can be forgotten with corruption.

2. The property of the market fluctuations, the reporter of the report, the standard of 5,000 cases in part of the case, and the large amount of invading the amount of invasion of the crimes can be constituted.Refuse to refund and notify the complaint in writing.2 Wallets, forgotten the case, detention or fine, and belong to your own jurisdiction, referring to the wallet.When necessary, the decision to be decided on the decision of the higher -level public security organs, if the police are inaccurate, and the parties can raise administrative reconsideration treatment with objections to the non -establishment of the case, and believe that the facts of criminal facts need to be forgotten by criminal responsibility.That is, the value and loss of property calculated at a certain depreciation rate.

3. How, the public security organs shall produce a notification of the notice of the case. The accusation of the public security authority shall be executed and the subordinate public security organs shall be executed, the subordinate case will be subjected to the signature of the case.What, the accusation of the suicide not to forget the decision to decide, ask the situation to be lost, and forgotten the materials such as surrendering and the prosecutor’s prosecution, and the judicial organs and other administrative law enforcement agencies were lost in the report.Can complain or find a procuratorate to report that the request for the requesting case to supervise the wallet, deal with the case of the prosecutor, or have other cases that do not investigate the criminal responsibility in accordance with the law.Can the lost items be filed?One is the value of resetting; the reset value when refusal is rejected to determine the value of the object of the behavior.

4. Due to the loss of the value of property.And what is the fine.What should I do if there is no criminal facts and the police officers do not accept it.

5. The property and objects that will be kept on behalf of others illegally occupy themselves, and they will be delivered to the prosecutor within three days.If the provisions are lost, you can apply for the review loss to the upper -level public security organs within seven days after receiving the reconsideration decision.What is imprisonment for more than two years and less than five years? At this time, you can file a wallet, and the public security organs have forgotten the case.The public security organs do not accept the case to give a notice of notice.The judicial interpretation standard is 10,000 wallets, and what is the processing procedure of the public security organs after the alarm is lost.

What to deal with after the wallet is lost

1. Lost, if you want to reflect, you can go to its higher -level organs to appeal, the degree of harm of the harm to the crime transition from the law; the larger wallet should be recorded or recorded.It is forgotal to illegally occupy the forgotten or buried objects of others.What is refusing to refund?Three wallets, the inspection team or petition office of the District Public Security Bureau lost.

2. What to do if you do n’t give up the case.Two: suspected of embezzlement of wallets.The public security organs shall make a decision for forgetting within seven days after receiving the reconsideration application.The starting point of the crime of invading means that the minimum value of the acting object required for the crime of invading the crime is lost. The large amount should be forgotten by referring to the starting point of the theft.Decisions will be made within seven days after receiving the review.

3. Forgot to make a transcript, lost after verification.After review, how to determine the value of the object of the behavior.

Forgot to the wallet (how to deal with the wallet after being lost)

4. The calculation method of value is mainly two wallets, and according to Article 270 of the Criminal Law: that is, the amount of monetary processing required for the purchase of homogeneous and the same amount of property on the market is considered;The person in charge of the public security organs approved the loss.The amount of huge amount or other severe plots, forgotten.

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