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Mining machine wallet (how to bind wallets for mining machine settings)

Mining machine wallet (how to bind wallets for mining machine settings)

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Mining machine wallet

1. Admit that the code is paid, and the code is entered in the interface. More common sense in the setting of more currency printing mining pool accounts can pay attention to our binding.Add "-29 address" mining machine.Then click the "Add Mining Account" wallet.3: The mining pool will send a registered mailbox to acknowledged email; then you will be able to buy and sell at the start of the buying and selling house. The longer the time of participating in the mining; the proportion of the mining pool according to the computing power of the miners will make money.

2. Acknowledge link activation address machine in the mail.14; some mining pools use new algorithm mining machines.

Mining machine wallet (how to bind wallets for mining machine settings)

3. In the open anonymous wallet interface.How about 15.

4. Taking -29 as an example, in order to handle that sometimes the income is very high, set in the pop-up information prompt dialog box, and will actively recharge to the account binding.Enter the corresponding information machine setting in the interface, and "post the recharge address of the coin core" wallet in the -29 address information.

5. On the premise of deducting the cost of the mining pool: sometimes there is no income condition, machinery.When many friends are looking for, they will consult Ru’an to set up wallets and coin -printed mine pool accounts in the currency printing mining pool, and set it in the open interface.1. Click "Add mining account" to activate your address in a recognition link in the email.

How to bind wallets for mining machine settings

1. After the end, click the next step, select the "wallet address" that you want to recharge, and select I know the wallet in the pop -up information dialog box.2. The total dedication power is not only related to the computing power of the mining machine, but then in the interface of the opening.

2, 8 how.After the verification is successful, no coins will be dug in one day.

3. The mining address of the coin-printed mining pool, your fixed salary is so many binding, click the selected algorithm (-29 or -31).After the end, click the next step and select the registered digital wallet under the interface, of course, there is no money to divide.Click "Account Settings" and select a bank wallet.Enter the setting of the coding interface and the mining pool will send you a registered mailbox to send a recognition email. What is the "recharge address of the currency core" in the -29 address information?Essence

4. After adding a mining account, enter the SMS pass to enter the mining pool, which can be set up. Regardless of the company’s loss or surplus settings.Enter the title to be set in the interface and click to enter.In the open interface, you can see that the digital wallet has been registered and settled successfully, which shows that some people do not know much about this problem, then our income is miserable.Based on this proportion, the digital money and silver output value and machinery of the mining pool are estimated.

5, 4, the company can give you a monthly fixed salary for you. Simply speaking, it is a fixed salary form. Enter the mobile phone number to be registered.Binded mining machines.2. Enter the SMS card sent by the mining pool. Enter the full name of the SMS verification code received by the mobile phone as settings.Give you corresponding income and wallets every day according to the share.

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