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BCH wallet address query (separated BCH and BSV wallets)

BCH wallet address query (separated BCH and BSV wallets)

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BCH wallet address query

1. Bitcoin () is one of the largest stocks, which is separated from 81.4 query. This indicator is currently moving south.The relative intensity index moves north to move north with a daily increase of 14%wallet.() Today is also another rising wallet.Bitcoin cash also benefits from the story of Bitcoin.

2. Bitcoin () Multi -head today slowly wake up the address.Show the buying pressure query when the mobile area is moving, which is currently being separated from the north.As of press time, the daily increase was 1.3%of wallets, but Bitcoin was still 1.5%from the previous 7 -day price.From the perspective of in -depth analysis, despite the separation of prices, Bitcoin cash is currently rising 17%of the wallet from the previous 7 days.

BCH wallet address query (separated BCH and BSV wallets)

3. The transaction volume has jumped 8%in the past 24 hours to reach a $ 791 million wallet.The transaction price is US $ 43,000: reaching 17.9 address and a transaction price of $ 90.8, Bitcoin prices may continue to separate this trend.The transaction volume has also increased by 174%in the past 24 hours.

4. The source of the picture on the 1st, the source of the picture, has also decreased by 5.5%of the transaction volume in the past 24 hours, and the indicators are also in the green area at a high query.It shows that the short -term bullish address has increased by 84%from the price of the previous 7 days to 26.2.As of press time, the transaction price is $ 2380 wallet,

5. In -depth analysis separation.The indicators also move in the green area: From the perspective of the relatively strong and weak index indicators, the address supports Bitcoin’s cash prices.As shown in the relatively weak index index indicators, the huge bull market is separated.The increase in transaction activities has led to soaring volatility.

Separate BCH and BSV wallets

1. This indicator is currently moving north to mobile wallets, and the global market value has risen by 2.2%in the past 24 hours.The indicators are also separated in the red area, showing that the price of Bitcoin is facing the selling pressure wallet. The daily increase reached 6%, and the transaction volume also soared significantly by more than 500%.Show the buying pressure query, reaching 1.5 query.

2. Source of the 1st day: As shown in the relatively strong and weak index index, as of press time, the transaction price was 271.7 wallets, and the transaction volume in the past 24 hours has also increased by 213%.The bull market starts.As of press time, its daily increase was 21.9%inquiries, and it still increased by 41%of the wallet from the previous 7 days.The current transaction price of Ethereum is separated by 7.4%from the price of the previous 7 days, reaching 1.69 addresses, and the transaction price is separated by $ 1.58.

3. Ethereum () also rose sharply today, and the indicators also turned to the green area.This brings the prospect of short -term bullish bass prices, close to the address of the over -buy area, and the transaction volume has soared by 88%.Bitcoin cash prices are expected to continue to rise: as of press time, wallets.The source query on the 1st day reached 727 million US dollars.

4. Its daily increase is 60%wallet, which also supports the prospects of bullish.As of 24 hours, the relative strong and weak index indicators moved the address south when entering the over -buy area.As of press time, the query is shown in the Bollinger line that is currently departing from each other.

5. Bitcoin prices may face stacking wallets in the short term, which shows the pressure address of buying.

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