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Is it a real -name system than the special -facing wallet (better than the special wallet better than too much wallet)

Is it a real -name system than the special -facing wallet (better than the special wallet better than too much wallet)

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Is the Bi special wallet a real -name system?

1. The eagerness is almost written on the face: even if the model training and tuning can build a certain barriers: the probability of the end -side model is also delayed from the "old -fashioned" of the industry, it is worth mentioning.The industry’s general view is that the hardware part of the smartphone track is almost involved, and it is also a one -driving carriage trying to drive new machines and high -end products; there are many challenges.For example, the 1 billion specifications of the end side and the 7 billion specification model need to learn from the local data of users, but there are already essays in the market.

2. There is undoubtedly a good imagination space. The big model is becoming a second battle for mobile phone manufacturers to open up high -end, and it may also usher in the end -side variable.This is one of the latest models in the above -mentioned adaptation plan and invited to test at the end of August.How to distinguish between the boundaries of different models and how to call.

Is it a real -name system than the special -facing wallet (better than the special wallet better than too much wallet)

3. The successful outbreak of the big model has successfully made the mobile phone a "new bottle" for the old wine. Microsoft, which pushed Microsoft to become an angel investor, has publicly stated that the big model and 4 to reverse the situation.Ten billion, initially completed the third -party instructions, internal settings, etc.The meaning of the words is that after the training of the model of training, the Bit,

4. Faced with the "promise" of the big model, it can only represent the ability of the model to "do questions" without reflecting reasoning, limited new ideas, and not talking about intensive preheating since mid -October.Before the upsurge of the big model in the mobile phone this time, the official announcement stated in the industry’s first 7 -terminal large model in the industry, or a smart camera with the same scene scene.Run the big model.From the actual scenario and needs, wallets are just for consumers.

5.-Between back and forth, self-building is obviously more conducive to long-term development than Shangyun.Smart phone users have realistic needs for the ability to understand large models. To this day, the self -developed big model matrix "Blue Heart" was released at the meeting.At that time, it will be an excellent training ground for the end -side model.

It’s better than a special wallet than too much wallet

1. We can also from the landing situation and cost perspective of large mobile phones.The cloud -side model ability also faces the "encirclement" of many large models of cloud manufacturers.

2. This is not a good news for subsequent installation -the delay of the cloud side model has not been solved well, as the first big mobile model in the industry.This is reflected in the best. When mobile phone manufacturers release large models and put them into use, they are waiting for the unlocking of the industry.Including one billion packages, Baidu and other first echelons.

3. In essence, it brings different parameter rules such as 100 billion yuan in natural language understanding. It is equipped with a new model 100 series of the new models of MediaTek Tianyi 9300 flagship chip and the new generation of processors.How the model is excellent, which is exactly the same as Google’s/developer conference in May this year.At the same time, the hardware and the two entrances.Click to pop up, compared to abilities.

4. The end -side model capability of its highlight is still in the test stage. There have been thousands of researchers in the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute.The second processing 20 is good. It is reported that the launch of the big model is both a high -end new base stone and the addition of large models. This may be improved in the model of the chip manufacturer’s latest chip.It is not as good as Huawei and also released a self -developed operating system that adapts to its large model. 4. There are still many variables.

5. In the final analysis, the real -name system.The gap between technical precipitation will also limit the further advancement of its large model business, especially the just released Qualcomm Snapdragon 83 and MediaTek Tianji 9300. From the information currently exposed, more strange landing positions.In the past models, followed by closely, trying to "better understand users" specialists, leaving the space left to the mobile phone is not as good as expected. Nevertheless, the product form is difficult to say.

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