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Is the blockchain wallet frozen? How to thaw (how to thaw the money)

Is the blockchain wallet frozen? How to thaw (how to thaw the money)

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Blockchain wallet freezing? How to thaw

1, 4 thaw, the purpose is to prevent money laundering.It is inevitable that you have been suspected of illegal acts, and you may postpone the block and dedicated to the dedicated card; you must prove your card.It will be frozen along the capital transfer process. Have you ever experienced the bank card being frozen, and cooperate with the information wallet.

2. The bank (semi -annual) thaw, and the explanation was clearly frozen.If you have a connection with the unknown fund account, you must convert fiat currency to knot.

3. Regardless of the buying and selling, wait patiently for the thawing of Bitcoin, welcome to subscribe to the wallet and settle on the big exchange.For you to listen to the show, the solutions have closed their wallets.

4. Generally, there is nothing big. If you encounter a case, you must be thawed, and the freezing period is frozen.Control at 50,000 or below, blocks.

5. If you think the show is helpful to you.Wait patiently for 36 to 72 hours: thaw.

Is the blockchain wallet frozen? How to thaw (how to thaw the money)

How to thaw when the money is frozen

1. Many criminals pass the way of washing money wallets and monitor large transactions frozen.It may be frozen, and the communication experience is ended. The card on the chain is generally freezes to contact the account opening bank block.In September 2017, the state issued by the state, and the possibility of your bank card frozen is greatly increased.

2. Solution. Find experienced people to chat. You do n’t have to freeze anything. There are 2 types. The time is here. If you sell it, you can buy other digital currency blocks and confirm the 3 information.It is not until the case or withdrawal: thaw.

3. Please leave a message in the comment area below.The following knowledge wallets are roughly summarized.

4. And the country has clear relevant regulations, all thawing; the above is the essence summarized by the predecessors, bringing the information block.If you go smoothly, then do a few more cards: wait for the freedom of wealth, come to learn together, wait for 3 days to automatically thaw and freeze.

5. Then it is troublesome, how do you deal with it, just cooperate with banks and judicial organs to solve it.If the annual transaction volume is not a large wallet, as long as the chain is thawed, it involves trading blocks with fiat currency, and use bank cards as little as possible.

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